The Northerner

The original ‘Sin City’: exploring Newport’s past of mobs, crimes and more

Newport Syndicate, formally known as Glenn Schmidt Playtorium, was a mob hangout.

Rachel Smith, Reporter

October 25, 2019

1955 Frank Sinatra gambled in the back room of the casinos on York Street. Dean Martin entertained guests at infamous mafia member Frank “Screw” Andrews’ house parties. And criminal racketeer Melvin Clark collapsed with a bullet lodged in his throat on Central Avenue. This was Newport—desirab...

3 thefts reported in Rec locker rooms

Three thefts were reported in the Rec locker rooms in November. One incident involved a new PIN code locker pictured above.

Sam Rosenstiel, Copy Editor

December 7, 2017

Two property thefts in the Campus Recreation Center were reported in the same week. Three thefts were reported to University Police in November, bringing total thefts in the building this semester to 10.

Northern Terrace burglar steals from four women, hides in plain sight

Northern Terrace burglar steals from four women, hides in plain sight

Leonard Ivey, Reporter

September 9, 2016

After an unknown woman successfully executed three weeks of thievery, the group of roommates she was victimizing realized that she had been hiding in plain sight. According to an e-mail from NKU’s Interim Chief of Police, Lieutenant John Gaffin, four women staying together at The Northern Terrace repo...

Students concerned as class remains unevacuated with gun nearby

Sophomore Avery Fithian sits in front of the classroom she was in on the third floor of Steely. Her class was not evacuated although there was a gun nearby.

Abby Anstead, News Editor

September 8, 2015

Police officers stormed through the third floor of Steely Library with their weapons drawn. Through the clear door of the classroom, Avery Fithian could see students streaming out of the library. At the time, she and her classmates were unaware that a student was in possession of a Cobra .380 pistol ...

BREAKING: NKU Police respond to student in possession of gun

Carrie Crotzer, Editor-in-Chief

August 27, 2015

Social media began buzzing Thursday morning after reports surfaced that a student had been taken into custody after being in possession of a gun on the third floor of Steely Library.NKU's official twitter account sent out tweets around 11 a.m. on Thursday alerting the university that campus police ha...

Internet scammers prey on student victims

Richard Cracchiolo, News Editor

October 29, 2014

Maria Della Bella, a junior electronic media broadcasting major, was looking for a job like most other college students. She thought she got lucky when she received an email from someone named Thomas Hank, who offered her $300 a week for assistant work, but that was before she realized it was a scam. “I got an em...

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