BREAKING: NKU Police respond to student in possession of gun

Social media began buzzing Thursday morning after reports surfaced that a student had been taken into custody after being in possession of a gun on the third floor of Steely Library.

NKU’s official twitter account sent out tweets around 11 a.m. on Thursday alerting the university that campus police had responded to an incident this morning involving a student in possession of a gun.

In an email sent out to the university Thursday afternoon, Director of University Communications Chris Cole said that police officers questioned a female student who admitted to having a hand gun in her bag and immediately turned it over and was taken into custody. 

The student was charged with carrying a concealed deadly weapon and lodged at the Campbell County Detention Center, according to Cole. 

According to Amanda Nageleisen, director of public relations for NKU, Campus Police received a call around 9:45 a.m. and responded to the library within 90 seconds.

Because of the event occurring so quickly, the university didn’t have time to send out the usual Norse Alert, a system used to notify students of potentially dangerous situations on campus, which many students complained about.

“We are receiving questions regarding the use of Norse Alert. Our policy states that the alert will be activated when the University determines that a serious threat exists and the campus community must take immediate action to remain safe and secure,” University officials announced Thursday afternoon via Twitter. “In today’s incident, campus police responded to the initial call within 90 seconds and the situation was diffused immediately. The police quickly determined that the incident was isolated and worked with campus communications to provide a subsequent statement.”

Many updates from the university stated that the gun was inoperable and the student was in custody. There is no present threat to anyone on campus.

Continue to follow as the story develops.