The Independent Student Newspaper of Northern Kentucky University.

The Northerner

The Independent Student Newspaper of Northern Kentucky University.

The Northerner

The Independent Student Newspaper of Northern Kentucky University.

The Northerner



The Northerner is an independent student-run media outlet innovatively providing relevant and credible content to facilitate informed discussion within the Northern Kentucky University community. While upholding the ethical standards of traditional journalism, we are constantly evolving into the digital age.


The Northerner is an independent student news media outlet covering the Northern Kentucky University community, and providing practical experience in interviewing, writing, editing photography, publication and web design, marketing, advertising sales and billing, legal and ethical decision-making, and other aspects of a student-run business.

The Northerner is a print newspaper published and distributed monthly while classes are in session. is a student-produced news website that publishes new content on the regular. The Northerner, and its staffs are members in good standing of the Kentucky Press Association and the Associated Collegiate Press and benefit from all of the training and support provided.

The student staff agrees to first seek truth and report it.  They strive to provide fresh, in-depth, insightful and investigative content using the print and online venues to the fullest extent. The student staff also strives to protect and exercise their rights as independent student journalists. Therefore, students are responsible for all content, presentation, advertising revenue, creation and operations.

As part of that responsibility, they pledge to follow the Associated Collegiate Press Code of Ethics.


Members of the community are encouraged to participate in civil, thoughtful discussions and debates about issues and events of interest. Ways to join the discussions include:

– Contacting the staff with information about stories or issues of interest.

– Submitting a signed Letter to the Editor by mail or online.

– Submitting notices about events of interest to the NKU community.

Advertising an appropriate business or service in The Northerner and/or

– Visiting the offices of The Northerner and and contributing to the production of our award-winning newspaper and website. If you are a current NKU student, you may apply to join the staff.


The Northerner welcomes and encourages comments from readers on With that, it is necessary that the comments also further the discussion on a given article or subject.

The Northerner reserves the right to remove any comments that are off topic, invade privacy, contain racist, sexist, discriminatory or potentially libelous remarks. The Northerner generally will not allow comments on articles or subjects dealing with sexual harassment, assault or related topics because of the potential harm to subjects and legal implications. These types of comments often are the basis for personal attacks, therefore are not advancing the discussion.

The Northerner reserves the right to disable comments on any article. The Northerner reserves the right to block, remove or unfollow any social media account on any platform.

This policy is not meant to inhibit constructive criticism, diverse perspectives or a free flow of meaningful communication. Rather, it is a means to raise the level of healthy discussion among readers.


The Northerner
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Student Media office: 859-572-5690
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