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Immigration town hall gives community forum on national issue

From left to right, Felix Okpe, Victor Ponce, Sandra Oñate, Allison Herre, and W. Allen Cole served as panelists at the DACA town hall on Oct. 19.

Sam Rosenstiel, Copy Editor

October 20, 2017

SGA hosted a town hall meeting where students could voice concerns about DACA to a panel of experts and students in the SU ballroom on Thursday night.

BREAKING: NKU Police respond to student in possession of gun

Carrie Crotzer, Editor-in-Chief

August 27, 2015

Social media began buzzing Thursday morning after reports surfaced that a student had been taken into custody after being in possession of a gun on the third floor of Steely Library.NKU's official twitter account sent out tweets around 11 a.m. on Thursday alerting the university that campus police ha...

Democracy Square Live creates discussion about sexual assault on college campuses

Kassidy Stricklett, Reporter

April 13, 2015

The event began with one question, “How many of you have experienced or know someone who has been a victim of sexual assault?” Out of the 13 people present in the room, 10 people raise their hands. The event, hosted by Democracy Square Live, set out to discuss the issue of sexual assault on colle...

NKU backs up tobacco ban with programs for quitting

While banned since January, smoking on campus still occurs. NKU's policy is being strengthened through programs to help smokers quit.

Tony Root, Reporter

October 23, 2014

The recent policy change in January has banned all tobacco products from campus. What many on campus seem to be unaware of is NKU has created programs to educate smokers and encourage quitting . Kim Baker, the Employee Wellness Manager, spoke about the policy and the Quit Now Kentucky programs. "I don't think they...

University attempts to address small desk issue

A professor works with a student in a Griffin hall classroom. The open desks and floor plan provides a more interactive classroom environment.

Kevin Schultz, Digital Projects Manager

October 2, 2014

Student government works to ‘bridge the gap’ between a student-body concern and its administrative response   NKU administration and Student Government Association (SGA) have heard the concerns of students across campus regarding desks in classrooms that are much too small. SGA members ...

All that glitters is not gold

Danielle Walker, Kappa Delta member, participates in bid day. The glitter use resulted in a hefty fine.

Tori Lentz, Assistant News Editor

September 18, 2014

Last week the Kappa Delta sorority discovered that glitter is prohibited in the Student Union and is punishable via hefty fine after an incident on Bid Day. The Northerner decided to take a look at this little-known policy at NKU and other area universities.   Bid Day Screaming, excited girls crowded into roo...

NKU fights sexual assaults

Nose Violence Prevention handed out buttons on its campus-wide launch day. It has a Green Dot training session on Thursday, Sept. 18 to promote bystander intervention.

Richard Cracchiolo, News Editor

September 17, 2014

With new federal legislation being proposed in both the house and senate and while over 70 different universities across the country are under federal investigation, NKU is taking measures to make sure students are informed about sexual assault. According to NKU police reports, there have been 14 sexual assault cases that have occurred on campus in the past six years...

Democracy Square drives national issue to NKU

Ann James (center) discusses with students and staff the process the university takes when a student files a sexual assault claim.

Richard Cracchiolo, New Editor

September 5, 2014

Democracy Square Live’s first event of the semester had students discussing the heightened national attention of sexual assaults on college campuses as well as ways NKU is handling it here at home. The roundtable-style discussion, lead by Norse Violence Prevention Coordinator Gabby Molony and Assoc...

‘Fitting in’ isn’t an option for some students with diverse body types

Several NKU students struggle to fit comfortably in desks in Founder's Hall. Groups of students have shared their frustrating experiences with the small desks found in Landrum Academic Center and Founder's Hall with The Northerner.

Kevin Schultz, Digital Projects Manager

September 1, 2014

As she sat down in a dark and outdated classroom to stuff resource bags for the homeless, she quickly realized something peculiar about her desk in the Landrum Academic Center. Small desks deliver discomforting disturbances Senior sociology major Tara Pennington recognized that the des...

Communication key in stressing class attendance to students through new policy

Communication key in stressing class attendance to students through new policy

Tori Lentz, Assistant News Editor

August 17, 2014

“Show your face or lose your space” is the message administrators are trying their hardest to convey to students as NKU establishes a new non-attendance policy next week. According to university vice provost Pat Moynahan, the administration is following a complex communication plan in an effort...

What will NKU’s new tobacco policy mean for violators and those trying to quit?

Tobacco-free marketing near one of many former smoking hot spots on campus. On January 1, 2014 Northern Kentucky University became a tobacco-free campus.

Richard Cracchiolo, News Editor

January 17, 2014

As students, faculty and staff made their way back to campus for the new semester, the tobacco-free policy has changed and continues to change the dynamics of daily routines for many of the campus’ tobacco users. But what will the repercussions be for those who do not conform to the new policy? A...

SGA members stand against transcript fees

Cassie Stone

April 6, 2011

Students and graduates of Northern Kentucky University may have to start paying a $10 fee to get copies of their official transcripts if the registrar moves forward on a plan to use an online, automated clearinghouse to process official transcript requests. Registrar Michele R. Hall presented a p...

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