Northern Terrace burglar steals from four women, hides in plain sight

After an unknown woman successfully executed three weeks of thievery, the group of roommates she was victimizing realized that she had been hiding in plain sight.

According to an e-mail from NKU’s Interim Chief of Police, Lieutenant John Gaffin, four women staying together at The Northern Terrace reported to NKU Police on Thursday evening that they had multiple items stolen from them since Aug. 16. The alleged burglar was a girl who each roommate assumed was a friend of one of the other roommates; they say she behaved as though she was a resident of the dorm and entered their rooms multiple times.

No one questioned her, and none of the four know who she is. The suspect is said to be a “young white female” of a “tall, thin build, with long, black hair.”

The e-mail from Gaffin was a “Timely Warning” message — as mandated by the Jeanne Clery Act of 2008 — to the entire student body. The e-mail includes some safety recommendations for those living on campus to follow in the wake of the burglary.

The full police report can be viewed here.