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Administration plans change following Floyd death

Lucas Administrative Building seen from lawn in front of Griffin Hall.

Josh Kelly, Managing Editor

June 10, 2020

While the streets of Cincinnati’s downtown fill with the voices asking for a change in the systemic racism against Black people, NKU administration debates how they can help their Black students. “It is in these challenging times that NKU must serve as a beacon of hope and set an example through...

Patrolling campus during a pandemic: how officers are staying safe

Officer Dewayne Cox (in car) and Officer Autumn Ruehl (on bike) with Detective Bobby Pate in the background.

Rachel Smith, Assistant News Editor

May 8, 2020

Latex gloves. Lysol-scented office space. Lonely patrols.  While COVID-19 has initiated a wave of work-from-home orders, some positions still require boots on the ground. For university police officers, maintaining the safety of NKU’s campus cannot be completed from the safety of their homes. ...

Preparing BB&T Arena: the game plan before the game

The exterior of BB&T Arena.

Kaycee Sloan, Reporter

February 27, 2020

As March Madness approaches, fans are packing BB&T Arena. Keeping fans safe is the main concern of security staff at BB&T Arena, according to Erik Jones, guest services and event coordinator.  In 2018, NKU was ranked the third safest college campus in the nation, according to the National C...

NKU police implement body-worn cameras

The main objective of camera implementation is to “facilitate transparency … enhance service to the community by accurately documenting events, actions, conditions and statements made during citizen interactions, traffic stops, arrests and other incidents,

Kyle Wade, Contributor

October 23, 2019

In 2018, 992 people were shot and killed by police. As of this year, another 717 have lost their lives to fatal force, according to The Washington Post. While some police departments move away from body camera programs, NKU’s police department begins its own.  Following a $14,000 Department of Justice grant, NKU police have begun to field its ‘Safety Vision’ body-w...

Graffiti stairwell: proposed plans to paint over

Graffiti stairwell: proposed plans to paint over

Kyle Wade, Contributor

September 16, 2019

It’s back to the drawing board for the faculty of School of the Arts as they continue to pursue solutions to promote self-expression, not vandalism. The Fine Arts Building’s graffiti stairwell is an underground attraction on NKU’s campus, and faculty of SOTA are discussing various ways to mak...

Will Title IX change?

Will Title IX change?

Josh Goad, Assistant New Editor

February 13, 2019

Title IX was a part of the Education Amendments of 1972 and has since become an integral part of the way education works in America. This major piece of legislation states: “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or b...

How does the university handle reports of sexual assault?

How does the university handle reports of sexual assault?

Abby Anstead, Asst. Managing Editor

January 18, 2017

“What do you need?” Ann James, deputy Title IX coordinator for students, said that’s the first thing she asks students when they report an instance of sexual assault. “The first thing I do is, ‘What do you need,’” James said. “‘Do you need medical attention, do you need counselin...

From student to chief: Gaffin to lead NKU police

John Gaffin was named chief of NKU police Monday.

Matt Sexton, Editor-in-chief

December 19, 2016

Updated 12/19/2016 5:00 p.m. | Originally posted 12/19/2016 11:55 a.m. HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Kentucky -- John Gaffin’s NKU experience has come full circle. Once an undergraduate student, Gaffin was named the full-time chief of NKU police Monday morning. “It’s about the relationships that I’ve...

Students fall prey to scammers, check fraud

Danielle Moore, the assistant manager of the NKU branch of US Bank hopes students will heed the bank's warnings about check fraud.

Matt Sexton, Managing Editor

October 31, 2016

Danielle Moore has heard NKU students swear to her they would never fall for a scam. “They say, ‘I’m too smart for that,’” Moore said. “The students say, ‘I would never fall for that.’ “Guess what? Twenty of your fellow classmates fell for it in the last year.” The assistant mana...

Interim chief leads NKU police as search begins for top spot

Interim chief leads NKU police as search begins for top spot

Matt Sexton, Managing Editor

August 28, 2016

Nearly a month after the abrupt resignation of NKU’s Police Chief, the man tabbed as his interim replacement is still working for two.Lieutenant John Gaffin saw his workload double when he was selected as the interim replacement for former Police Chief Les Kachurek, who left the university at the ...

How the University Police Department is changing

Former Police Chief Leslie Kachurek goes over information with his staff. Kachurek announced his resignation  in June.

Abby Anstead, Editor-in-Chief

August 11, 2016

In the midst of a national search for the Chief of Police position the NKU Police Department will undergo some changes. In a campus-wide email, President Geoffrey Mearns announced on July 27 that Lt. John Gaffin would serve as the Interim Chief of Police. Gaffin has served the NKU community for nine yea...

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