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Dancers at NKU break the mold

Dancers at NKU break the mold

Natalie Hamren, News Editor

November 26, 2018

Filed under Arts & Life

On the second floor of the Fine Arts Center is a small dance studio with a neon green sign on the door that reads “department of theatre and dance.” The floors are all black, with mirrors and bars on every wall. Another sign above the mirrors says “please do not touch the mirrors” and “no ...

NKU’s unofficial dance team

NKU’s unofficial dance team

Cole Grecco, News Editor

January 30, 2017

Filed under Arts & Life, Featured Story

The Northern Stars Dance Team meets up at studio three in the Campus Rec Center Monday night for practice. The dancers look at their reflections in the mirror that covers the wall as they go over new dance steps. Xala Sledge, founder of the eight-member team, walks in a few minutes late and watches the practice ...

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