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VIDEO: What is the NKU Baja Club?

Zachary Baxter, Jimi Dutton, and Duy Ngo November 8, 2023

Find out more about the Baja Club, an organization that provides opportunities for students looking to pursue engineering post-grad or for students who have a love for buggy racing.

Visual made with DALL·E 2

AI is changing how instructors approach education

Killian Baarlaer and Braden White February 27, 2023

We all know the dystopian motif where computers trump human ability and rule the world. Let us hold our horses before we escalate our fears. ChatGPT is a buzzy artificial intelligence product by the...

New scientific findings raise questions about research development: What do NKU scientists have to say?

New scientific findings raise questions about research development: What do NKU scientists have to say?

Killian Baarlaer, Arts & Life Editor September 17, 2022

The field of scientific research has been met with skepticism with the surfacing of two new developments that call into question commonly accepted theories: an umbrella review suggesting low serotonin...

VIDEO: The Herbarium at NKU

Jason Houston, Caleb Hodges, and Keara McClellan October 7, 2019

Northerner reporters interviewed Dr. Maggie Whiston, the director of NKU's herbarium, about what one could find inside the collection and how students can utilize its resources.

Quynh Nguyen works in a lab inside the science center.

National science grant makes scholarships ‘SOAR’

Jack Flesch, Contributor November 29, 2018

In fall 2019, 36 new NKU students will join hundreds of current NKU students and alumni as members of the Scholarships, Opportunities, Achievements and Results (SOAR) Project as a recent National Science...

Why is NKU so windy?

Any way the wind blows: why campus is so windy

Josh Goad, Reporter February 2, 2018
Why is NKU so windy?
Does your health depend on the neighborhood where you live? The Northern Kentucky Health Dept. says life expectancy differs from county to county.

Health Department: location affects local life expectancies

Seth Johnston, Reporter January 27, 2018
Long live some is the main finding of a Northern Kentucky Health Dept. study on how life expectancy differs from neighborhood to neighborhood presented at NKU’s research colloquium on Jan. 25.
Dr. Kathleen OConnor discusses the psychological factors that influence mass shooters.

Inside the minds of mass shooters

Abby Anstead, News Editor September 9, 2015

Dr. Kathleen O’Connor stands before a packed classroom, her eyes are narrow and her face is tense. Her hands hung at her side, almost as still as the atmosphere of the room.Despite the size of the crowd,...

Student-created chemical recycling machine could cut costs, benefit the environment

Student-created chemical recycling machine could cut costs, benefit the environment

Kevin Schultz, Digital Projects Manager November 2, 2014

Tucked away in the corner of a small research lab on the second floor of the science center is a funny-looking, gurgling machine. Constructed from what looks like the remnants of a pool noodle, your grandmother’s...

Equal rights group tries to patch ‘leaky pipeline’

Andrea Carter, Staff Writer August 11, 2014

The Kentucky Girls STEM Collaborative (KGSC) at NKU is seeking to change the problem of underrepresentation of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematic (STEM) careers. KGSC is a branch...

A group of students play a musical piece during 2013 Celebration.

Student Research and Creativity Celebration provides a voice for all

Tori Lentz and Brittany Smart April 10, 2014

The annual Student Research and Creativity celebration will commence its 12th year next week from April 14th -18th as one of the largest student and faculty collaborations on NKU’s campus. Event co-chairman...

Drowning in data: NKU creates new data science major

Maggie Pund, News editor September 25, 2013

Every minute, trillions of bytes of data are being created. From passive online browsing to checking out at the grocery store, the volume and variety of data being collected every day would seem inconceivable...

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