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Students ‘say her name’ across campus in protest against Breonna Taylor ruling

Anna Marie Adams (center) leads the protest next to Kiazja Watterson-Brown.

Josh Kelly, Managing Editor

September 24, 2020

After a grand jury indicted one of three officers for the shooting of Breonna Taylor, Kiazja Watterson-Brown felt it was necessary to bring awareness of Taylor’s case and decision, but also for the other Black lives that have been taken. “We still need to say the name of our people of col...

NKU receives backlash after inclusion statement

Griffin Hall at NKU.

Natalie Hamren and Josh Kelly

June 5, 2020

NKU released a statement Thursday about discrimination and freedom of speech after screenshots circulated social media allegedly showing an incoming freshman using the hashtag #WhiteLivesMatterMore as part of #WhiteOutWednesday, a hashtag made in opposition to #BlackOutTuesday to support the protestors.  ...

‘NKU, what are we going to do?’: Students, professors, staff rally against state cuts, pension hikes

‘NKU, what are we going to do?’: Students, professors, staff rally against state cuts, pension hikes

Sam Rosenstiel, News Editor

April 12, 2018

Roaring louder than the coursing winds outside the Student Union were chants of “fund our future” led by students, faculty and staff protesting state education cuts. Homemade signs with “I AM WORTH IT,” “LET’S NOT GO BACKWARD” and “SAVE HIGHER EDUCATION” written in black ink waved as speakers advocated for relief from cuts.

BREAKING: Silent protest addresses gun violence

Students stand during the silent protest bringing awareness to school shootings and gun violence. The protest was organized by Students for Social Change.

Lizzie Kibler, Arts & Life Editor

October 19, 2015

Students stood in silence outside of the Student Union on Monday wearing targets on their chests. Their homemade shirts bore a black target on the front. Written on the bottom of the shirt was “#StudentsNotTargets.”Propped against their legs were signs that called for awareness and solidarity. The silen...

VIDEO: Carry the Weight protest raises awareness

The Carry the Weight protest, which was organized by an individual group of students, took place on Sept. 10 on NKU's plaza. Protesters stood with signs to protest against rape and domestic abuse.

Sarah Clark, Contributor

September 12, 2015

Outside the Student Union, the sun was shining and the weather was perfect, but Thursday at lunchtime, as students went from class to class, what was seen and heard was anything but calm.   “Yes means f*** me! No means f*** you!” and “Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Rape has got to go!” along with s...

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