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‘I would take a bullet’: NKU students tell their protesting stories

Protestors in Chicago on May 30.

Natalie Hamren, Editor-in-Chief

June 9, 2020

Content warning: This article describes acts of police brutality and violence.  Protestors were chanting in front of the Cincinnati Police Department’s headquarters. Police stood in a line, armed with riot gear. The protests had been peaceful all day until now, according to senior communication studie...

‘New level of exposure’: Artists reveal work at Juried Exhibition

Emily Thomas, junior  photography major, displays her photo

Abigail Crabill, Contributor

March 29, 2017

Students at NKU were given the opportunity to put their artistic talents on display in the university’s annual Juried Student Exhibition located in the Fine Arts Building’s Third Floor Gallery and Main Gallery, featuring an array of mediums including painting, ceramics, photography, printmaking and visua...

Student Vine Star Moves On

Branan Foster, had over 26 million loops, 52,000 followers and hundreds of posts on Vine.

Emily Moran, Reporter

February 15, 2017

NKU student Branan Foster never thought he would make money from his Vine account. MTV's Ridiculousness bought the nonexclusive rights to three of Foster’s videos. Vine, the once popular video app, went out of business Jan. 17. But the impact it left on users is still felt. For Foster, the feeling...

Arcade to theater: Auditions held for “Pac-Man the Movie”

Cornett and his assistant, Isaiah Short, are excited to to work with the actors they've chosen.

Chris Robertson, Contributor

February 2, 2017

The bright lights gleam down on each actor as they audition for the roles of either Pac-Man, Inky, Blinky, Pinky or Clyde in the student film, “Pac-Man the Movie.” An actor auditions in Griffin Hall's Large Performance Studio; others await their shot outside the room, the atmosphere lax. Ethan Cor...

How taekwondo changed a student’s life

One of the reasons why Fightmaster is so passionate about taekwondo is because of her instructors and teammates, she says they're family.

Emily Osterholz, Arts & Life editor

January 25, 2017

She grips the red handle tightly, extending the white tip further in front of her. The fading sun eliminates the remaining light and as evening sets in, Clara Fightmaster makes her way from the science building. She felt watched. Are they staring at me? Do they think I’m weird? Are they laughing at m...

Student choreographer uses high heels to promote gender equality

Wards piece is not only about self-confidence but  also is a statement to gender equality.

Olivia House, Reporter

November 23, 2016

With a woman on the most recent presidential ballot and CoverGirl magazine having its first male model, Jameson Gastón Ward feels as though the world is headed in the right direction in terms of breaking gender roles. The junior BFA dance major is choreographing a piece for NKU’s Emerging Choreograp...

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