The Northerner


Brandon Barb

September 7, 2009

Charlotte Etherton/Photo EditorTim Lee/MCT CampusAs summer turns to fall and the weather becomes enjoyable, there is something evil lurking that could affect us all. The H1N1 virus, 'swine flu' as it's commonly called, recently showed its ugly face at Northern Kentucky University. What does that mean...

Promote yourself

Heather Willoughby, Heather Willoughby, and Heather Willoughby

September 1, 2009

If your Facebook, Myspace or Twitter popularity is off the charts, you may very well be a narcissist. According to a recent study by associate professor W. Keith Campbell and Laura Buffardi, a doctoral student in psychology from the University of Georgia, social networking sites , especially Facebook , have...


Mark Payne, Mark Payne, and Mark Payne

September 1, 2009

The Northern Kentucky University police department is busy these days. After they are done with crossing guard duty in the mornings, they are out investigating the mysterious case of 'the missing decoy coyote.' The investigation began on Aug. 22, when an unidentified female took one of the decoy co...

Despite the poo, I miss the geese

Heather Willoughby, Heather Willoughby, and Heather Willoughby

September 1, 2009

MCT Campus provided photoGeese poop, on average, about once every 12 minutes, according to 'The Truth About Poop' by Susan E. Goodman. Apparently that's one of the reasons Northern Kentucky University officials felt the need to place ugly coyote decoys around Loch Norse. Personally, I always liked seei...

myNKU isn?t Norse Express – yet

By Brandon Barb and By Brandon Barb

August 25, 2009

Ah, isn't a new school year lovely? New friends. New faces. A new batch of classes with a whole new batch of tests and papers and homework. But all of those things have nothing on the new Norse Express, renamed myNKU - a new and 'improved' Norse Express, so to speak. If one isn't familiar with myNKU,...

Over before it ever began

Josh Hartnik, Josh Hartnik, and Josh Hartnik

April 28, 2009

As I stood on Honor Hill in Fort Benning, my legs felt like jelly after a 24-mile road march. With a sandy canteen cup full of blue Gatorade, I stood at attention and waited for my drill sergeant to come by and pin the infantry cross rifles on me. 'Who are you? Are you in my platoon?' said Drill Ser...

I found my passion here

Matt Birkholtz, Matt Birkholtz, and Matt Birkholtz

April 28, 2009

When I first came to Northern Kentucky University, I never expected' to go into a journalism career. The Northerner changed that. The experience at this paper has helped me learn that I have a strong passion for writing and telling a story, whether it is on the nursing program or Louisville coming to th...

Such sweet sorrow … j/k

Colleen O'Connell, Colleen O'Connell, and Colleen O'Connell

April 28, 2009

When I was choosing colleges this time four years ago, the only standard was that the college not be NKU. I had lived here my whole life, and my older sister was going to NKU. I thought I need to 'branch out.' So, I jumped at the first college that offered a sweet deal '- the University of Louisville....

NKU has taught me to be a storyteller

Breanna Gaddie, Breanna Gaddie, and Breanna Gaddie

April 28, 2009

From my first published image of two Phi Sigma Sigma girls holding pumpkin guts at the first Pumpkin Bust in October of 2003 to last week's nine images of Common Ground's 2009 Drag Show, NKU has taught me what photojournalism is all about.' I want to thank those teachers that have guided me along the w...

Too many to thank at NKU

Joe Szydlowski, Joe Szydlowski, and Joe Szydlowski

April 28, 2009

It's almost 11 on Tuesday night, and I'm just starting this. True, I'm a journalist, so it's actually rather early to start writing, but even for me this goes beyond procrastination. I suppose that I've avoided bidding this farewell for a simple reason: It really marks the end to my tenure at not ...

The tide is changing

Brandon Barb, Brandon Barb, and Brandon Barb

April 28, 2009

It is the end of the semester but the start of summer and new beginnings for those graduating. This semester has been a rough and wild one, but for this being my first semester as the Viewpoints editor it wasn't that bad. Yes, there were editorials written that shouldn't have even been read. They wer...

Campuses covered in a cloud of haze

Heather Willoughby, Heather Willoughby, and Heather Willoughby

April 6, 2009

What would you do if you, or if' someone else you knew, was forced to endure embarrassing, degrading, abusive and potentially life-threatening activities?' Would you speak up? According to, a team of researchers from the University of Maine conducted an extensive survey in 2008, cons...

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