NKU behind bars

I am a huge fan of The Office. I watch, rewatch it and rewatch it. It’s probably the greatest show to ever hit the United States.

My favorite character is Dwight Schrute. Yes, the lovable kiss-ass, who hides an assortment of weapons around the office, just in case some type attack were to happen.

He had to use his can of mace once, when Pam’s -the office secretary- ex-fiance attacked Jim, her love interest. Dwight saved the day by taking down the ex-fiance.

This is a good example of why weapons should be allowed in the workplace. (Just Kidding)

It seems Northern Kentucky University has its own Dwight Schrute, but instead of hiding weapons around his office, he’s hiding them in his dorm room.

According to police reports, campus police were called to Callahan Hall on reports that a student was hiding weapons in his room.

The report goes on to say the student had a three-foot sword and an assortment of knives under his bed.

The student wasn’t in his dorm at the time. The police found him a few hours later and he complied with the officer’s wishes. The weapons were confiscated and the’ student faces disciplinary action.