Such sweet sorrow … j/k

When I was choosing colleges this time four years ago, the only standard was that the college not be NKU. I had lived here my whole life, and my older sister was going to NKU. I thought I need to ‘branch out.’

So, I jumped at the first college that offered a sweet deal ‘- the University of Louisville. I barely made it through the first semester before I realized that I had made the wrong choice. I had never really looked at NKU at all. When someone told me that the next semester NKU Honors would be offering a course about coffee, I decided that enough was enough. How could I have ignored a school that was doing stuff this unbelievably cool?

I sucked up my pride (and threw away a nice financial aid package) and came back home to attend the college I had blacklisted. This has been, quite possibly the best choice I could have ever made. I say this not just because of the sweet classes I’ve been able to take, but because of the people I have met. I never needed to leave home to branch out. During my time at NKU, I’ve been offered more opportunities to try different activities, ideas, and paths than I could have ever imagined. These opportunities didn’t always jump out and beg me to take them, sometimes I’ve had to do a little hunting or looking around, but that makes it feel all the more genuine.

One of these opportunities for me has obviously been having a position as copy editor here at The Northerner. I’m not a journalism major or interested in a future in journalism, but when my friend, Keith (former Viewpoints editor), told me about the position, I was intrigued. I saw this as a chance to help create something I use every week at NKU and every day through other news sources. By taking this position, I have been able to better understand how I receive information.

Also, I’ve met a lot of really great people. Whether you like the Northerner or not, I feel that you should know that the editors and writers here are incredible. They spend a lot of time thinking of and working on ways to better improve this publication for you. Also, they have really been there for me in what has been the most difficult year of college. Hats off to you, Northerner staff! Also, a thank you to’ the people in Honors who have been with me on this journey all along ‘- thanks for helping me to be the hero in my life’s story.