The Northern Kentucky University police department is busy these days. After they are done with crossing guard duty in the mornings, they are out investigating the mysterious case of ‘the missing decoy coyote.’

The investigation began on Aug. 22, when an unidentified female took one of the decoy coyotes located near Loch Norse, situated behind the Fine Arts building. This person then took the coyote to her dorm, Callahan Hall, where she was stopped by the hall director, Richard Kane. According to the police report, the female gave up the coyote voluntarily. Kane contacted university police to give the dog back. Upon arrival, the officer asked for the girls information, but Kane didn’t ask her for it.

I wouldn’t have either, since she gave it up voluntarily.

You’d figure the case would be closed. The girl gave it up easily and went on her way. Apparently the police department wasn’t satisfied.

The police report states the investigation continued when a dispatcher retrieved pictures of the girl from the Callahan camera system. Kane didn’t recognize her, so they went as far to to contacting a resident adviser. The RA didn’t recognize her either. The police printed out the pictuers of the girl, and Kane stated in the report he will be passing them around in upcoming staff meetings. The officer asked that police be contacted as soon as the girl was identified.

I say leave the girl alone. It was a college prank – we all do something immature at some point or another. Young people make mistakes, which is how they learn.’ This doesn’t seem like something we should be allocating money towards. There are more important things to worry about — such as the fact we have to use campus police to direct traffic, which is becoming a very obvious problem.’ ‘

Listen to how it sounds: ‘Police are investigating the disappearance of a missing decoy coyote. The coyote was returned, but the authorities are taking the necessary steps to find the culprit.” Is this something we really should be putting time and money towards?