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VIDEO: The Motivation of a Social Work Major

VIDEO: The Motivation of a Social Work Major

Alyssa Nickles, Jack Reynolds, and Tyler Vandervort

October 9, 2019

Social Work majors at NKU are studying to help make the world a better place, wanting to speak into the lives of students here on campus, as well as the people they encounter in their future careers.

Grad student trains salons to spot signs of domestic abuse

Taylor Zumwalt created

Halley Gamble, Contributor

March 7, 2019

Graduate student Taylor Zumwalt created “Highlights for Hope,” a program that trains salon professionals to identify signs of domestic abuse in their clients, hoping to spread awareness about the issue.

An agent for change

An agent for change

Abby Anstead, Managing Editor

February 9, 2016

Student advocates for life-saving drug to reverse heroin overdose.

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