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Q&A: Answering all of your parking questions

Parking lots across campus were at a moderate capacity on Tuesday.

Natalie Hamren, Editor-in-Chief

August 21, 2020

The Northerner reached out to Jackson (Andy) Meeks, Director of Business Operations and Auxiliary Services, over email to answer all of your questions about parking at NKU this semester.  Why weren't parking rates reduced this year since most students are not on campus? Jackson Meeks: “We have tak...

‘It’s all about the turnover’: Parking Services sells more passes than spots available

Two cars fighting over a parking space.

Kyle Wade, Reporter

November 20, 2019

With 10,734 parking passes issued and only 6,694 parking spots available as of Nov. 14, 2019, finding a parking spot has become a difficult task for NKU students and faculty alike.  “It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack; it’s just impossible,” Devaughn Allen, sophomore marketing major, said about his experience with NKU parking. Allen is a recent transfer student who...

Pay for parking tickets with peanut butter

FUEL NKU is located in Albright Health Center in room 104.

Josh Kelly, Managing Editor

November 12, 2019

NKU Parking Services is taking food donations in place of parking citations. Parking Services is accepting donations of six 28-oz plastic jars of peanut butter, six 5-oz cans of chicken or six boxes of granola or protein bars. All donations will go to FUEL NKU. Food for Fines will run until No...

Last chance to pay parking tickets with peanut butter

Last chance to pay parking tickets with peanut butter

Josh Kelly, Arts & Life Editor

October 11, 2018

Crunchy, creamy and even Skippy peanut butter are being accepted in place of your parking tickets and citations.

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