The Northerner

Dancers at NKU break the mold

Olivia Sketch, Brianna Mullins and Lexie Callaham are all three dancing majors.

Natalie Hamren, News Editor

November 26, 2018

On the second floor of the Fine Arts Center is a small dance studio with a neon green sign on the door that reads “department of theatre and dance.” The floors are all black, with mirrors and bars on every wall. Another sign above the mirrors says “please do not touch the mirrors” and “no ...

Student choreographer uses high heels to promote gender equality

Wards piece is not only about self-confidence but  also is a statement to gender equality.

Olivia House, Reporter

November 23, 2016

With a woman on the most recent presidential ballot and CoverGirl magazine having its first male model, Jameson Gastón Ward feels as though the world is headed in the right direction in terms of breaking gender roles. The junior BFA dance major is choreographing a piece for NKU’s Emerging Choreograp...

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