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At campus pro-life display, opinions split on Roe v. Wade

Students rally in response to the cross display on campus lawn.

Noelle Horn, Reporter

November 13, 2018

“Life begins when you stand up to Christian fascists” and “I have no right to deny her right” were some of the many signs at the Revolutionary Student Union’s Rally for Roe v. Wade on Thursday. Pro-life group Northern Right to Life showed their annual “Cemetery of the Innocents” disp...

Opinions split on Kentucky’s new abortion laws

Noah Pittinger believes the state's abortion laws violate women's rights, while Hannah Bockweg believes they help preserve human life.

Abby Anstead and Emily Sherry

January 26, 2017

Hannah Bockweg was raised Catholic, but she never knew what it meant to be pro-life until she was much older. “It was maybe more middle school, and definitely in high school that I began to understand all humans have incredible value and that every person is created by God, and from conception to...

Right to free speech

April 11, 2012

Recently, the Right to Life display was vandalized twice on campus. NKU is no stranger to displays and free speech being interfered with. In 2011, there was a push for speech zones on campus where visitors would have designated spots to go to give announcements, presentations and deliver their messages. On...

Texas Republicans mandate ‘rape’ for abortion seekers

Aaron Sprinkles, Viewpoint Editor

March 21, 2012

Doonesbury has never been my favorite comic strip. But then, I haven’t read the comics in years – and apparently I’ve been missing out on some cutting edge social commentary. As someone who writes polemics in my spare time, I can appreciate the skill (and the guts) it takes to attack serious issues...

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