What you missed at SGA Feb. 19

The Student Government Association read a resolution to establish a warning system for hate speakers on campus and trained with Norse Violence Prevention Center to define consent. Here’s what you missed at SGA 2/19:

Early warning system for hate preachers

Senator Noel Waltz introduced a resolution to develop an email system that warns NKU students where and when hate speakers are on campus.

Waltz believes that since NKU is a public campus, an email warning students and staff of hate speech presentations would help to preserve NKU’s core values as well as the speaker’s First Amendment rights.

“NKU strives to connect and educate students on diversity and inclusion,” Waltz said. “NKU can implement those values with a ‘warn, define, and remind’ model. With this model, we can effectively warn students of the presence of such hateful speakers, define our core values… and remind the students that they belong here.”

Waltz suggested that seasonal hate speakers emit unnecessary stress to student life and make marginalized students feel “threatened and unwelcome.”

Senator Noah Cullen agreed there is a need for an email warning system.

“I feel that NKU is definitely a safe space for a lot of people and I don’t want any individual to feel uncomfortable,” Cullen said. “Having an email system implemented is definitely adequate.”

SGA will vote on the resolution at next Monday meeting.

NVP exercises at SGA

The Norse Violence Prevention Center presented training over the concept of consent to SGA on Monday.

The NVP defined consent and worked to identify popular misconceptions related to the subject so student leaders have better understanding of the issue.