What you missed at SGA Feb. 5

The Student Government Association listened to NKU’s interim president explain the budget situation and read a resolution to form an academic excellence committee. Here’s what you missed at SGA on Feb. 5:

Rally for Higher Ed: What’s at stake

Interim President Gerard St. Amand presented the deeper consequences of the budget cuts to NKU.

According to Amand, NKU receives less than the average university from the state in equity money, and the pension cost is up $15 million more than it was 10 years ago.

After warning of an estimated $13 million increase for next year’s pension costs, Amand stated that “pension alone will increase disparity amongst other comprehensive schools.”

Amand has informed legislators in Frankfort of the damage the cuts could do.

The model recommended by Gov. Bevin has NKU set to receive 100 percent state appropriation until 2020-21. This will stunt NKU’s growth as the university would neither lose nor gain money.

The three main priorities for legislators are to appropriate $15 million, provide pension relief and reform the pension system, according to Amand.

Amand also suggested students and faculty call the LRC Legislative hotline, send a message through Invest in Success KY, share through social media or write an op-ed to make their voice heard.

Academic excellence committee

On Monday SGA read a resolution to create an academic excellence committee to field student course complaints. The committee would include two student and two faculty representatives from each college as well as two Staff Congress members.

The resolution’s author, SGA senator Jarett Lopez, argued that while there are course complaints mandated for the end of semester courses, the committee would be another option for immediate complaints.

The addition of this committee would add a layer of accountability and ensure legitimate complaints are responded to, according to Lopez.

Students would also be able to submit course reforms for examination.

The resolution goes to a vote on Feb. 12.