Norse walk paves the way for students to make change

Members of student government have given the campus safety walk more than a new name.

This semester’s Norse Walk places an emphasis on student involvement when it comes to making improvements across campus.   

According to Patrick Reagan, university improvements chair,The original purpose of the campus safety walk was to create a collaborative effort to point out safety flaws on campus. But because NKU is a relatively safe campus, the focus of the Norse Walk has shifted to university improvement.

The Norse Walk will combine safety concerns on campus while engaging student participation through social media.

“We are going to embark on a big social media push to get more students involved,” Reagan said.

Students can be a part of the Norse Walk by tweeting pictures of areas that they see on campus that they would like to be changed.

Reagan stressed that student participation helps student government communicate in a more accurate way with administration.

“There are certain things that we in SGA can see on campus, but when we have 16,000 sets of eyes on campus there is a lot more than can be seen,” Reagan said.

Although the multimedia movement to promote student involvement is still in early stages of development, Senator Hattie Clark, a coordinator of the Norse Walk, is persistent about expanding upon the social media campaign

According to Clark, participants of the Norse Walk will also go through residential areas on campus to evaluate what can be improved upon in student dorms.

Members of the marketing department and presidential ambassadors will be invited to participate in the Norse Walk alongside student government officials and President Mearns.

“My biggest hope is that we can push the NKU Norse Walk hashtag,” Regan said, “It encourages students to reach out to us in a way that they never have before. One of the goals of this administration is that we want to be more transparent with the students, and that’s why we’re pushing the Norse Walk to be more inclusive and collaborative.”

Students can tweet photos using the official hashtag #nkunorsewalk to voice concern about areas that need improvement on campus.
The Norse Walk is scheduled to take place Feb. 23 at 5:30.