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State of blood and lust

Tim Owens and Tim Owens

September 22, 2009

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MCT CampusJennifer's Body draws inspiration from the days of B-movie horror - the indelible sub-genre that, instead of trying to be good, celebrates its egregiousness. It is bad on purpose, and it quickly lets you know that. It is that, and the fact that it takes the hottest woman on the planet right...

‘Extract’ lacks real flavor

Tim Owens

September 8, 2009

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Photo Courtesy of MCT CampusWatching Jason Bateman's comeback sure has been interesting. Dude has seen nothing but failure since his childhood stardom. His most successful venture, the hilarious, off-kilter sitcom Arrested Development, flat-lined after only three seasons despite rave reviews and multiple Emmy ...

Looking forward to fall

By Tim Owens, By Tim Owens, and By Tim Owens

August 25, 2009

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Photo courtesy of AP Exchange2009 sure has gotten off to a slow and disappointing start.' Only a handful of films standout from first half of the year: The Hurt Locker, Up and District 9, to name a few.' So, as usual, it's up to the fall lineup to pick up the slack and fill in the now 10 nominee s...

Movie theater options

Steve Funaro

September 28, 2004

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Movie fans can be a loyal, sometimes overzealous, bunch of people. Some of them wake up before sunup just to wait in line for a new release. Others pay $8 just to see a trailer of a movie that won't be released for months. While not everyone is as dedicated as hardcore movie-goers, it is important...

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