Pattinson proves more than a vampire

Remember Me is the tale of two young adults looking to find their way in life, yet forever haunted by the deaths in their past. For Ally, she lost her mom to murder and Tyler was forced to say goodbye to his brother who took his own life. In a bet, the two wind up together but like most coming-of-age classics they end up truly falling in love. What makes this movie particularly interesting and unique is due in large part to the twist ending that you have to see the movie to find out about.

Robert Pattinson might be known for his portrayal of the Twilight saga’s brooding vampire, Edward Cullen, and even though you do see a lot of that Rob in this film, this is breakaway film for him. Pattinson’s portrayal of Tyler Hawkins is an intense, yet realistic, look at a guy who finds trouble when he only wants to help. He loves his little sister and would risk jail to help her, he believes his father (played exceptionally well by Pierce Brosnan) needs to open his eyes and realize how his actions are affecting his kids before the rest end up like Rob’s suicidal brother. Most of all, Rob loves a girl that might truly understand him.

A lot of this story revolves around Tyler and his world, but Ally (Emilie de Ravin) is just as important and the movie actually begins with a scene about her ten years prior to the main story.  Just like Tyler, Ally is looking to make things right for those she loves and to find her in way in life. Remember Me is truly a coming of age tale, but not just for the two main stars. Brosnan’s character must decide to either make a radical change in his life or lose his kids forever, while Tyler’s sister, Caroline (Ruby Jerins), has her own troubles to work out at the young age of 11.
Remember Me is Ally’s story. Remember Me is Tyler’s story.

Story by Lauren Becker