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SACS reaffirms NKU

Vern Hockney and Vern Hockney January 12, 2010

Northern Kentucky University received reaffirmation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in December.

SGA Update

Staff Report and Staff Report January 12, 2010

At the Jan. 11 Student Government Association meeting six new senators were sworn in, two new Judicial Council members and a new chief justice. The three SGA committee - University Improvements, Finance and Student Rights - also named their new chairs.
New senators: Keri Eason; Megan Johnson; Jasmine Ford; Michelle Forlenz; Quentin Monroe; Ebonique Moss.

Not allowed to Smoke

Heather Willoughby and Heather Willoughby January 12, 2010

Are you a smoker used to grabbing a quick fix as you walk the scenic route from building to building between classes? Well, maybe not for long.' Many public universities are considering a smoking ban, and Northern Kentucky University may consider such a policy in its future.

Interactive: Senior Art Exhibition, Dec. 3-11

Joe Castelli December 16, 2009

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This week’s cover: Breaking apart NKU

The Northerner and The Northerner December 9, 2009

The Northerner's final issue is all about the cool and uncool aspects of NKU. Staying true to the theme between the covers, the centerspread is a collection of the pros and cons.

No rest for the Norse

Mike Collins and Mike Collins December 9, 2009

The semester at Northern Kentucky University is coming to a close as students prepare for final exams.' Campus will be bare and classes will be empty as people head home for the holiday season.

Get the heck outta here!

Tim Owens | Joe Castelli December 9, 2009

The two guys who've been running The Northerner during the fall semester are graduating in a few weeks. It's a tradition here at The Northerner for each graduating staff member to write a farewell piece.

Freshman 15

M. Gordon Willis and M. Gordon Willis December 8, 2009

I am sure all of you have heard of the Freshman 15 - the dreaded 15 pounds you gain as a freshman, usually in the first semester, if not by the end of the year. Okay, so I am going to be straight forward with all of you. I would be kidding myself if I said that I was not a hefty guy. I came in this semester as a freshman at five-feet six-inches flat and 225 lbs. Guess what, I have now hit the dreaded 'Freshman 15' marker point. It did not even take me a full semester, let alone a full year. If you were the betting type, what would you say my New Year's resolution is going to be?

The coolest of the cool

Heather Willoughby and Heather Willoughby December 8, 2009

This time in the semester always gets me feeling quite nostalgic.' It brings to mind my favorite things about this university.

Not Cool

Mark Payne and Mark Payne December 8, 2009

Northern Kentucky University restricts Freedom of Speech - that is what the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education Web site says. FIRE is a non-profit educational foundation devoted to free speech.

No voice silenced

Jeremy Jackson and Jeremy Jackson December 8, 2009

From the outset, we know that she is perpetually doomed. No matter which way you spin it, the colossal ship that underwent its maiden voyage in 1912 is going to sink in the second act. Therein lies the challenge for Northern Kentucky University's theatrical performance of the events surrounding the ill-fated Titanic. With precision, the musical production must somehow, and in someway, hoodwink the audience into forgetting the facts of history - that the sinking of the boat is not the entire story, but much more lies within the unfortunate souls that filled its hulls; not so much within the fate of the ship.

Impeachments dominate SGA

Mark Payne and Mark Payne December 8, 2009

Two weeks, two impeachments. The Northern Kentucky University Student Government Association had its second impeachment hearing Dec. 7. This time it was SGA President Keith Kaseke who faced impeachment charges on the grounds he violated SGA procedure and the SGA Constitution.

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