Impeachments dominate SGA

Mark Payne/Managing Editor

Two weeks, two impeachments. The Northern Kentucky University Student Government Association had its second impeachment hearing Dec. 7. This time it was SGA President Keith Kaseke who faced impeachment charges on the grounds he violated SGA procedure and the SGA Constitution.

Last week was the impeachment of former Vice President Dennis Chaney, which passed and resulted in his removal from office.

Kaseke thinks his impeachment, which was voted down 12-6, was a retaliation for the impeachment of Dennis Chaney. He said it was the same people who voted against Chaney’s impeachment. Overall, though, he is glad with how his impeachment turned out.

‘I think it’s a good thing,’ Kaseke said. ‘Whenever students are not happy they need to speak out.’

SGA Senator Nicholas Georgescu brought the impeachment to SGA in The Articles of Impeachment. The Articles said Kaseke ‘has repeatedly violated the Constitution, his oath, and the trust of the faculty and students; discredited SGA; shown repeated disregard for the SGA standing rules of order; and violated and neglected his duties as prescribed by: Article IV, section 1, A, 2, e: [which states the president]’Shall enforce the provisions of the Constitution, the Standing Rules of Order, mandates of the Student Senate, decisions of the Judicial Council, and referendum of the Student Body.’

The Articles said Kaseke did numerous things wrong, including the way he brought impeachment charges against Chaney.

‘Kaseke discredited SGA when he produced defamatory and libelous material for the impeachment of Dennis Chaney under allegation five of The Articles of Impeachment ‘I do not care what you (SGA President) or the Deans think but I am going to Faculty Senate,” The Articles said. ‘This conversation never included that statement and there is audio recording of the entire conversation, made in pursuance of KRS 526.010.’

The Articles also said Kaseke is either ignorant or dishonest in his actions as a Student Regent, on the Board of Regents.

‘Kaseke discredited SGA when he was asked the question from Senator Georgescu, on Nov 30, inquiring if Keith Kaseke amended the impeachment and removal process article of the Constitution on Nov 11,’ The Articles said. ‘He replied no but had in fact changed the impeachment timeline for appeals in the SGA Constitution. Either he is dishonest or grossly ignorant of his own actions as Student Regent.’

Georgecu said that when Chaney got impeached it was all about how Chaney broke the rules, but Kaseke himself has broken the rules and acted poorly.

‘That kind of behavior you wouldn’t expect out of an SGA president,’ Georgescu said.

Since the impeachment didn’t pass, Kaseke will stay in office. However, appeals can be filed. SGA will resume meeting in the Spring 2010 semester on Mondays at 3:30 p.m. in Student Union room 104. The first meeting will be Jan.12.