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There are 1,250 less students enrolled at NKU now than in 2011. For every 13 that enrolled then, only 12 enroll now.

How NKU fights its shrinking enrollment

There are 1,250 less students at NKU now than seven years ago. For every 13 students that enrolled then, 12 enroll now.
Josh Goad, Assistant News Editor October 24, 2018
Continued decline in enrollment could lead to further shortfalls, which means less spending on everything. This year’s shortfall occurred because NKU estimated the enrollment decline on historic data— but is there a precedent?
Only 28 percent of NKU's yearly budget is provided by state funding, significantly less than all other universities in the state.

Outcomes-based funding top priority for Mearns

Carrie Crotzer, Editor-in-Chief January 27, 2016

 NKU President Geoffrey Mearns addressed the Student Government Association at their Monday meeting on Jan. 25, calling for them to aid in the battle against Frankfort to change the decades old funding...

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Outcomes-based funding