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What you missed at SGA Feb. 11

President Hannah Edelen and Chief Justice Travis Roy give a presentation.

Josh Goad, Assistant New Editor

February 12, 2019

On Feb. 11, SGA hosted the directors of university housing and business operations, who both gave presentations. SGA student senate was also excited to vote on a new resolution aimed at extending library hours. Library hour extension Senators Noelle Brooks and Zachary Dichtl presented their resol...

Internet scammers prey on student victims

Richard Cracchiolo, News Editor

October 29, 2014

Maria Della Bella, a junior electronic media broadcasting major, was looking for a job like most other college students. She thought she got lucky when she received an email from someone named Thomas Hank, who offered her $300 a week for assistant work, but that was before she realized it was a scam. “I got an em...

5 things you missed at the SPJ Lunch with the Pros

5 things you missed at the SPJ Lunch with the Pros

Brook Clifford, Managing Editor

September 19, 2014

You’ll never have the same day twice. You’ll question the trustworthiness of law enforcement. And you’ll need to work on your interpersonal communication skills. These are just a few of the things you may need to be a crime reporter in the digital age, according to the media professionals who ca...

NKU getting upgrade

Callahan resident Vivian Littleton surfs the web.

Richard Cracchiolo, News Editor

February 12, 2014

The NKU Village’s wireless internet bandwidth is expected to receive an upgrade sometime in the future, expanding its current 450 megabits per second speed, to a possible 1 gigabit per second. There are plans to consolidate Callahan Hall’s internet connection and perhaps Northern Terrace’s when it ...

SGA plans to improve internet on campus

Richard Cracchiolo, Staff writer

October 24, 2013

To quell the complaints of shoddy internet at NKU, the Student Government Association is working with the IT department to improve the wireless internet connections throughout campus.   While the details are still being hammered out, the SGA resolution states that NKU “will have the opportunity to purchase new Wi-Fi technology this fall that will improv...

How to stay safe on facebook

How to stay safe on facebook

Jessica Kopena, Staff writer

October 3, 2013

The 2012 Horton Cyber Crime Report said every second, 14 adults are the victims of cyber crimes. “Hacking is any unauthorized access to an account,” said Chip Heath social media professor. “It could be as harmless as a friend on Facebook posting statuses as you because you left it open, [or]...

Residence halls may see increase in Internet bandwidth

Richard Cracchiolo, Contributing writer

April 25, 2013

The Information Technology department is trying to raise funds to expand the bandwidth of the NKU residential village’s Internet connection. Doug Wells, the director of infrastructure at NKU, said there are plans to expand the village’s Internet connection bandwidth from 200MB to 300MB. Internet...

Connection Lost

Connection Lost

Brody Kenny, Staff Writer

December 6, 2012

On numerous occasions this semester, campus-wide Internet outages have occurred. Though they tend to not last more than a few hours, they can be a hassle for anyone trying to get work done. With the spring semester almost upon us, the IT department at Northern Kentucky University has been investigating...

Plenty of Phish

Derek White, Staff Writer

December 6, 2012

From time to time you may receive an email that just doesn’t seem right. These emails vary. It may be about a promotion some website is doing that just seems too good to be true, or it might be what appears to be a warning from the school that your account will be expiring in a set amount of days. Whatever...

Coding contest to test students’ APIs and mobile apps

Bret Lonaker, Contributing writer

February 22, 2012

NKU will host the upcoming CincyTech Hackathon, a coding contest. NKU students will compete in a coding contest to build things as Applied Program Interfaces (APIs) and mobile applications. The CincyTech judges will determine the winner. Winners will receive a cash prizes as well as gift cards. Not...

The war for the Internet has begun

The war for the Internet has begun

Aaron Sprinkles & Brandon Barb, Viewpoints editor & A&L editor

January 25, 2012

What would we do without a website like YouTube? Imagine if videos of cute kittens with a hit pop song playing in the background were gone. Cover song videos are erased completely. What if a good portion of the beloved video site was gone? All of that could happen thanks to two bills, the Stop Online...

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