Coding contest to test students’ APIs and mobile apps

NKU will host the upcoming CincyTech Hackathon, a coding contest. NKU students will compete in a coding contest to build things as Applied Program Interfaces (APIs) and mobile applications.
The CincyTech judges will determine the winner. Winners will receive a cash prizes as well as gift cards. Not only is this a chance for students to showcase their programming skills to win prizes, different technology companies will be present and looking to recruit for co-ops, internships or even future hiring.

CincyTech invests in startup technology companies in Southwest Ohio. The company approached NKU with the idea of the Hackathon event in order to spread the word of its services. The term “hacking” is often viewed as malicious. Sara Blazak, CincyTech communications associate, said this is not the case at all.

“It’s more the idea of working constantly…to accomplish one goal,” Blazak said. “[This] is a really good opportunity to view real world projects. You don’t necessarily have to go work for a big corporation. You can work in a startup and do what you love or you can even start your own company and do what you love.”

She hopes this will help students who have great talent but are not aware of internship opportunities. Blazak, as well as many others from the CincyTech organization, will be in attendance.
The event begins with an information technology based career fair at 5 p.m. in Griffin Hall on March 2. Immediately after, the event will move into the Digitorium, and the contest will begin. The contestants may enter individually or as a group and will have until 3 p.m. on March 3 to complete their project.

This contest is open strictly to NKU students. Contestants should have a good understanding of coding and coding application. Pizza and beverages will be provided for the contestants.
Students can register at until the event begins March 2.