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NKU’s own forest: the beautification project

Trees on campus. They're meant to 'soften the look' of NKU.

Lizzie Kibler, Reporter

December 3, 2014

They aren't Christmas trees, but there are new trees on campus that will be welcoming the holiday season. After the removal of the previous ash trees due to the destructive Emerald Ash Borer which is a small green beetle, new trees have been added to the campus. The Borer infiltrates the trees and cuts ...

Safety measure leads to Landrum elevator renovation

Students enter and exit the renovated Landrum elevators. The elevators were originally considered unsafe.

Brody Kenny, Reporter

October 9, 2014

One Friday afternoon, a group of students gathered outside the elevators on the third floor of Landrum Hall, where they were told an elevator had malfunctioned. The real problem was a testing of elevator safety brakes, one of several upgrades to the Landrum elevators that some feel are sorely needed. ...

University attempts to address small desk issue

A professor works with a student in a Griffin hall classroom. The open desks and floor plan provides a more interactive classroom environment.

Kevin Schultz, Digital Projects Manager

October 2, 2014

Student government works to ‘bridge the gap’ between a student-body concern and its administrative response   NKU administration and Student Government Association (SGA) have heard the concerns of students across campus regarding desks in classrooms that are much too small. SGA members ...

Gender-inclusive restroom resolution passes

Tori Lentz, Assistant News Editor

October 1, 2014

After a week’s postponement, SGA voted 19-7 to pass a resolution requesting the installation of gender-inclusive restrooms in every academic building and high-trafficked building on campus. Following a lengthy discussion at last Monday’s meeting, Student Rights Secretary Elizabeth Ruwe and Senat...

‘Fitting in’ isn’t an option for some students with diverse body types

Several NKU students struggle to fit comfortably in desks in Founder's Hall. Groups of students have shared their frustrating experiences with the small desks found in Landrum Academic Center and Founder's Hall with The Northerner.

Kevin Schultz, Digital Projects Manager

September 1, 2014

As she sat down in a dark and outdated classroom to stuff resource bags for the homeless, she quickly realized something peculiar about her desk in the Landrum Academic Center. Small desks deliver discomforting disturbances Senior sociology major Tara Pennington recognized that the des...

NKU president releases first draft of five-year strategic plan

NKU president releases first draft of five-year strategic plan

September 5, 2013

Five goals outline the future of the university The NKU Strategic Planning Committee released the first draft of the NKU 2013-18 Strategic Plan which included student success, talent development, academic innovation, community engagement and institutional excellence as its main goals. University President Geoffr...

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