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Fashion police can put guns away

Knight Ridder September 15, 2004
When it comes to fashion, you have to love that swinging pendulum.

Space scouts ineffective

Knight Ridder March 3, 2004
Feel that breeze? Something just passed by. Good thing, too. This something was an asteroid. And scientists were so worried about it in mid-January that they came within nine hours of calling President Bush.

In case of Bull Durham, free speech depends on who’s making the rules

Knight Ridder April 22, 2003
They live throughout this nation, not in uniform, though armed with vitriol and misguided patriotism. And when they are called on the carpet for maligning those who disagree with them, reminded of the Constitution and democratic values that distinguish this mosaic of citizens from all others, then they start spewing about "America the Beautiful."

Lisa Marie through the years

Knight Ridder April 15, 2003
Feb. 1, 1968: Born to Elvis and Priscilla Presley, nine months after her parents are married.

Cutting college costs not an easy thing to do

Knight Ridder April 8, 2003
With the price of higher education soaring, one congressman has a controversial plan to steady costs. Rep. Howard McKeon, R.-Calif.

Dissent doesn’t equal disloyalty in U.S.

Knight Ridder March 25, 2003
Not since the Vietnam War has the American public been so divided about the prospect of a military engagement, or so resoundingly vocal about it.

College sports in jeopardy

Knight Ridder February 25, 2003
A federal commission was supposed to settle the college sports controversy created by Title IX--the 1972 law barring sex discrimination in education.

Court needs to set clear guides on Affirmative Action

Knight Ridder January 21, 2003
Affirmative action is one of those high-octane issues that Americans often are reluctant to discuss. But that didn't stop the U.S. Supreme Court from deciding to revisit the subject, at least as it relates to university admissions. The justices did the right thing in deciding to take on this thorny issue.

Fighting hate on campus

Knight Ridder December 3, 2002
Something ugly has been happening on some college campuses. Several have reported anti-Semitic incidents and some Jewish students are complaining of a hostile, almost threatening, atmosphere. Much of the unrest can be traced to clashing ideas about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
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