Back to fundamentals


Kody Kahle

Todd Johnson (23) dribbles the ball up the court at University of Kentucky during the 2013-14 season.

For NKU’s men’s basketball 2014-15 season, Head Coach Dave Bezold is primarily focused on consistency and experience in terms of what will bring them a good season.

Coming off of a 9-21 season, the Norse hope that their experience will help turn things around for them.

Bezold’s five key players, listed here, all bring the experience that Bezold is hoping will change the fate of the team.

Along with experience, Bezold heavily discussed consistency with the team this year.

“My hopes that we are able to maintain a level of consistency,” Bezold said. “We got out of the gate pretty well last year, the wins weren’t there, but once we started winning in the middle of the year, that didn’t carry over.”

The team has been taking steps to achieve these goals since practice began though.

“Mentally in practice every day we’re in situations where we do the fundamental things. They’re rewarded one way or another whether negatively or whatever,” Bezold said. “We’re constantly teaching and showing video and showing that this is what we have to do, things have to be done.”

As for the physical aspect of training, Bezold highly credits Brian Boos, NKU’s strength and conditioning coach.

“Physically it’s in the weight room. Brian Boos does a tremendous job of getting them prepared for a high level of performance,” Bezold said.