The Northerner

In St. Louis

Mark Payne

March 6, 2009

I finally made it to St. Louis around seven last night. I had dinner, then listened to a speaker. This is the first media convention that I have been to that offered free alcohol. Well, due to the alcohol, I stayed out a little later than expect last night and am now about to fall asleep listening...

Ways to save money

Brandon Barb, Brandon Barb, and Brandon Barb

March 3, 2009

So the recession is hitting closer to home with each passing day. People losing their jobs, prices skyrocketing, businesses going under and nothing better upon the horizon. The economy hasn't been this bad since The Great Depression. And in many ways it looks like our country is heading down that roa...

Why not study in Latin America?

Andres Oppenheimer of the Miami Herald, Andres Oppenheimer of the Miami Herald, and Andres Oppenheimer of the Miami Herald

March 3, 2009

Here is a plan that could do wonders to U.S. competitiveness in global markets and improve ties with Latin America. The plan, send more U.S. students to study abroad. The idea is in a bill presented by Sens. Dick Durbin and Roger Wicker, which went almost unnoticed amid the legislative debate over Ob...

Short Leash for paper

Mark Payne, Mark Payne, and Mark Payne

March 3, 2009

The state of newspapers is grave; at least for print versions. Companies are watching how they spend money, so they're certainly not going to pay for advertisements, which is how news companies make money. The country is having a hard time, but people must not forget the important role that newspapers pl...

Out of Bounds: The summit, part deux

Will Chambers, Will Chambers, and Will Chambers

March 2, 2009

Last week I started imagining who the real 'legends' of Cincinnati sports folklore would be.' If there were to be a monument modeled after Mt. Rushmore of Cincinnati sports heroes, who would they be?' Last week I uncovered two: Oscar Robertson and Pete Rose. Here are the next two.' Not one citi...

Letters becoming scarce

Brandon Barb, Brandon Barb, Brandon Barb, Brandon Barb, Brandon Barb, and Brandon Barb

February 23, 2009

Don't like how Greek life was portrayed in an issue? Concerned about your credit hours? Do you think my latest editorial is awesome or down right horrible? There is a simple way to get your opinion heard round campus. That way is to write in to The Northerner and be seen on the Viewpoints page. Take 10 ...

No job for a high school dropout

Robert Balfanz and John Bridgeland, of John Hopkins University and Civic Enterprises, Robert Balfanz and John Bridgeland, of John Hopkins University and Civic Enterprises, and Robert Balfanz and John Bridgeland, of John Hopkins University and Civic Enterprises

February 23, 2009

Good news is rare. Foreclosures, a credit crunch, and unemployment have sent ripples' through the economy. Youth unemployment is approaching levels seen during the Great Depression. The nation could use a ray of hope and progress is being made on one issue that deepens unemployment and poverty, the hi...

Campus Climate

Jennifer Lantz

January 28, 2009

Jan. 20, 2009 rang in a new era for history.' The United States of America has elected an African-American for President for the first time after centuries of segregation and oppression.' Could this truly be the end of fascism?' We can only hope.' Will this new beginning bring about a change in our...

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