An adiós from NCR’s Manager

An adiós from NCRs Manager

It’s hard to believe, but I’ll be leaving this campus of concrete and rebar; our beloved Concrete Jungle. It’s been a long, long five and a half years, but then again that seems to be too short. This campus has changed significantly since I started in Fall of ‘06. Two new buildings and a few less parking lots, and D-1 on the horizon, new professors and advisors in, and the old ones out. I’ll surely and sorely miss this campus, as it was my escape from the humdrum and monotony of my hometown in South Eastern Indiana. Close to the City, but not too far from home. Any who, enough about my doldrums, this is a cause for celebration!

Norse Code Radio! What a collection of words! I joined the “illustrious ranks” as I so have always called it, back in Fall of ’08. I started my online radio show “Hour of the Dinosaur” on “, NKU’s Only Student Run, Online Radio Station (not WNKU Dinomites!)” with the hopes of having a radio show that centered itself around a dinosaur obsessed young man, who used the show title moniker as an excuse to play classic rock and old punk music. The format and program deviated from its original idea, but nonetheless was a hit (as far as I can gather). I garnered a listening audience that included the NKU campus, Southern California, Central Florida, scattered small pockets in Indiana, Cincinnati, and even as far as Eastern Europe and South Korea among others.

I have enjoyed being a DJ the past three years or so, but I’m sad that it is ending next Thursday afternoon at 4:30 PM EST. I’ll be signing off at that time, for the last time on NCR, and it will be bittersweet. I will also be resigning as General Manager of Norse Code Radio after 1 year of hard work getting the station back on track and organized after being moved for the seventh time in nine years (or so I am told) from the third floor of UC to the third floor of Founders Hall. Since I have been part of NCR for 3 or 4 years, we have moved twice, but now we are settled snuggly (hopefully) in Founders Hall, that is if the powers that be don’t decide to move us abruptly and without notice like last summer (2010). We have also have found sound assistance from various staff and faculty, such as Bob McCoy, Matt Baker, and Chris Strobel.

So my message to the student body would have to be this. Tune into NCR as much as you can and when you can! Also read The Northerner, and support Student Media at NKU by listening and reading our mediums. Doing so supports free speech and creative expression. I would also like to thank, Jacque Day (our current advisor) for her support and advice. With the advice and tutelage of Jacque, we now have on-air ads, newsreaders, and a more organized radio station. Also I would like to thank Gayle Brown, our former advisor, who initially hired me.

So I hope all of you, the student body, faculty, and staff take the time to listen and support college radio and print media, and thanks for your support, positive or otherwise. Jeffonia “Miss Ebony J” Wynn will soon take over my position as general manager, and I wish her, the NCR staff, and all of Student Media the best of luck.