It seems that every time a new editor-in-chief addresses The Northerner readership for the first time, we make it a point to detail the large amount of “change” that has happened.

Well, yet again, things have changed here at The Northerner.

As displayed to readers in our Dec. 7 issue, the last of the Fall 2011 semester, former editor-in-chief Cassie Stone moved on to finish her degree. Norse Code Radio General Manager Charlie Mattingly and copy desk chief Emily Christman graduated. Aly Durrett, our presentation editor, is currently in Arizona for an internship this semester.

Emily Lindeau stepped into Aly’s position, and Roxie Blevins has shifted into assignment editor from Arts & Life.
In addition to the large amount of shifting, restructuring and growth in the staff, we continue our dedication to accuracy and delivering the news that matters to students here at Northern Kentucky University.

The truth is, we are beginning the semester with one of the strongest staffs I’ve seen assembled in my time here at The Northerner. These students work every week to ensure that a quality newspaper goes out on time. At the end of last semester, two of our own, Claire Higgins and Brandon Barb, were almost arrested at a hospital for their efforts to chase a story. In addition to their commitment to hunting down the facts, the Founders Hall janitorial staff can vouch that many of the staff have been mistaken as homeless for the hours we spend in FH 314.

With the big news that’s hit campus this year, such as the search for a new university president and our move to D-1, you can bet that the staff of The Northerner will be putting in the time to keep the student body informed.

So, as we schlump back to campus along with the rest of the NKU student body, we ask that our readers send us their thoughts, comments and concerns. Just as we are all graded in class, the staff here grade ourselves each week, and your input is invaluable to us.

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Karli Wood