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Staff Editorial: Proposed Speech Policy Goes Too Far

Staff Editorial

February 3, 2011

They’re annoying. They yell at you. They pass out the same green bible to you each and every time. They tell you that you are sinful and will burn in hell forever. Sometimes they do not even make sense and it seems like more of a sideshow than a person with a valid viewpoint. Those people who wander...

“Everything’s changed:” A letter from the (interim) Editor-in-Chief

Jesse Call

January 26, 2011

Newspapers are not supposed to make news; neither does anyone particularly enjoy some dude incessantly talking about himself. Well, here at The Northerner, we are about to engage in both of those taboos but only because so many important changes have come to pass in a single week that it is almost r...

Laptops top list of classroom distractions

Roxanna Blevins

January 19, 2011

I encourage you to read The Northerner. I encourage you to read any news source, for that matter. I think that everyone who is able should read everything they possibly can, whether it’s fact, fiction, news or opinion. But if you are reading this in a classroom where a class is being taught, I reques...

Mellow Mushroom offers much more than other pizza joints…but for a price

Claire Higgins

January 19, 2011

College students and pizza go hand-in-hand. From Snappy Tomato and Dewey’s, to Papa John’s and Domino’s, run-of-the-mill pizza joints aren’t too hard to find around the Northern Kentucky University campus. Tucked in between a Dairy Queen and a sports grill in Wilder, Ky., Mellow Mushroom is somewhat...

“The Green Hornet” is worth the green

Derick Bischoff

January 19, 2011

“The Green Hornet” is a superhero movie that never lets itself get too serious. It sets itself apart from other comic book movies with just as many one-liners as fight scenes. The movie, starring and co-written by comedic actor Seth Rogen, has a lot to do with the comedy/action ratio. Rogen pla...

Weekly Comic: Jan. 19, 2011

January 18, 2011

Click here to view this week's comic: Comic by Brittany Granville

“The King’s Speech:” Friendship through a lens

Shawn Buckenmeyer

January 12, 2011

Finding one’s voice can be a difficult challenge. In “The King’s Speech,” matters are made worse when a member of the royal family with a stammer has to face the task of giving a speech that will give strength and clarity to a country facing the onslaught of World War II. Colin Firth pla...

Something looks a bit different

Vern Hockney

January 12, 2011

Welcome back to another semester full of possibilities at Northern Kentucky University. The staff at The Northerner worked over the winter break to give your print newspaper a new feel and look. We wanted to bring that “news” feeling back to the paper and hope the new design helps to accomplis...

A better world starts with you

Vern Hockney

January 12, 2011

Men have thought for, presumably, quite a long time. Of course to 20-something-years-olds, 50 years seems like a quite a long time. But regardless of how long man has actually been thinking, one point that stays in contention are accepted virtues, values or morally desirable characteristics. There are...

Weekly Comic: Dec. 8

Brittany Granville

December 8, 2010

All I want for Christmas is...

“Tangled” truly shines

Shawn Buckenmeyer

December 8, 2010

“Tangled” is the 50th film released by Disney. It’s a girl-meets-boy story. But Rapunzel and Flynn aren’t your typical boy and girl. Rapunzel, voiced by Mandy Moore, is the kingdom’s golden child in spirit and hair color. She is kidnapped as a child and locked away in a tower that is hidden...

Weekly Comic: Dec. 1st

Brittany Granville

December 1, 2010

What's going on here? Comic by Brittany Granville

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