Pendulum’s U.S. release is worth a listen

Editorial Note: This article was written to preview a scheduled Linkin Park/Pendulum concert on Feb. 13 in Cincinnati which has now been cancelled due to the illness of Linkin Park’s lead vocalist. But, the article also reviews Pendulum’s newest album which was recently released in the U.S.

An amazing show is coming to Cincinnati this weekend that promises to offer an enjoyable assault on your eyes, ears, and emotions.

Linkin Park takes the stage at U.S. Bank Arena on Sunday, Feb. 13 at 7 p.m. with opening act Pendulum, an U.K.-based electronic rock band which is gaining popularity in the United States and is planning its first-ever U.S. headline tour later this year.

Pendulum’s bass guitarist and DJ, Gareth McGrillen, talked with The Northerner about their upcoming shows at U.S. Bank Arena and their latest album.

“People always describe us as an visual and auditory assault,” McGrillen said. “Our energy level is very intense.”

From the stage, McGrillen says he loves to watch fans go wild and mosh while they put out their electronic beats.

“The crowd always destroys themselves in the mosh pits,” he said.

Pendulum will be playing a few select songs form their latest album, Immersion, among those two of McGrillen’s favorites: “Crush” and “Witchcraft.”

“Crush,” is a high-energy song that gets you moving whether you like it or not. The lyrics give an account of someone struggling with an internal battle about the past and the future.

“Pictures that I’ve been dreaming are coming down/They’re chaning my future/Visions I had buried underground/Returning to the future,” the band sings.

“Witchcraft” begins slower and conveys the attitude of the lyrics with the music. Then, just at the right moment it picks up to take the listener on a ride through the fear, danger, and suspense described through the song’s lyrics. It is a haunting piece about a friend looking in on another trapped in an abusive relationship and tyring to get that person out.

“Bleeding on a sofa/Staring at the waistline/He’s coming and she knows it/Even though she knows why/Footsteps in the hallway/Girl you haven’t got time/You gotta get out/Go far away,” the song screams.

The song leaves an important call at the end for all to get out of dangerous relationships before it’s too late. “We’re living on a set time/We’ve got to get out/Go far away.”

The deep, dark theme of the song does not make it lose the band’s upbeat, rock and metal sound and still leaves listeners wanting to dance.

The album is worth giving a listen. However, the first time through might not immediately appeal to listeners if they are not used to this genre of music.

At first listen, it can seem like one will need to take a couple of hits of ecstasy and bust out some glow sticks to truly appreciate Pendulum’s music. The album is also very music-intensive at the beginning, making first-time listeners wonder if the band actually sings in the album. They do, and when they do, it’s worth paying attention to what they have to say. The music also provides listeners with something to listen to to make their days seem more action-packed and exciting.

For some, the music can seem abrasive at first, but it is catchy nonetheless. The beats and melodies will get stuck in your head and pop up and keep you going when you are having a rough day. If electronic music is not the listener’s style the album will begin to make them change their minds. Give them a shot as they open for Linkin Park.

Linkin Park has slowed things down in their latest album and experimented with different kinds of music. One thing is certain about this show for Linkin Park fans: it is not going to be like any other Linkin Park concert they have experienced before  because the band’s new album is very different from previous ones. The band definitely has a message to convey through their songs and it will be interesting to see how they convey it through their show.

Tickets for the show are a little pricey for college students, at $42.50, but the show promises to be worth the money. U.S. Bank Arena is located on the riverfront of Cincinnati near the Big Mac bridge, making it a quick drive from the Northern Kentucky University campus.  If unable to make it to the concert this weekend, check back with The Northerner for what you missed and a review of the show and Linkin Park’s new album.

Story by Jesse Call