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EDITORIAL: Reflecting on National Suicide Prevention Month

EDITORIAL: Reflecting on National Suicide Prevention Month

Corinne Byrne, Arts & Life Editor

September 13, 2020

Content Warning: This article discusses mental health and suicide. If you or someone you know are experiencing suicidal thoughts, call or text the national suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255, available 24/7.  The counselor looked at me from across his desk, hands folded, and asked me what ...

From the editor-in-chief: My thanks to The Northerner

Northerner Editor-in-Chief Sam Rosenstiel.

Sam Rosenstiel, Editor-in-Chief

May 13, 2019

Never let a fear of not being good enough keep you from finding what you love. There’s always a reason not to do something. Sometimes, you just have to knock on the door.

From the managing editor: Goodbye to my Northerner family

Northerner Managing Editor Nicole Browning.

Nicole Browning, Managing Editor

May 13, 2019

I will always love writing and you all helped remind me of that, but you also made these four years something I will never forget.

Valentine’s Day: Editor’s ideas for cheap, free last-minute plans

Valentine's Day: Editor's ideas for cheap, free last-minute plans

Northerner Staff

February 14, 2019

Need some ideas for how to spend Valentine's Day weekend? Whether you're in a couple or loving the single life, here are some cheap and free ideas for what to do around campus from our editors: "As my girlfriend and I met in college, we have yet to go back to her (booming) hometown of Columbus together. ...

EDITORIAL: One year after Zac Efron came to NKU

In the first trailer for

Josh Kelly, Arts & Life Editor

January 26, 2019

Read one student's story about his experience hunting down Zac Efron on the NKU-based set of "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile".

EDITORIAL: When ‘roomie’ doesn’t equal ‘bestie’

Roommates fill out a roommate agreement when they move into University Housing.

Kate Fulmer, Social Media Editor

August 20, 2018

A new school year can often mean new roommates. Whether you’re a freshman sharing your room for the first time or a senior living with another random roommate, almost everyone has dealt with the intolerable roommate drama during their college experience. Here are some tips and tricks to help you wit...

EDITORIAL: Why did I do school?

EDITORIAL: Why did I do school?

McKenzie Eskridge, Reporter

May 4, 2018

Ask most students on campus why they came to college and the knee-jerk response is get a job that pays well that (ideally) we don’t hate. There are other expectations, too:  meeting new friends, exploring your identity and seeking new experiences. But,at the end of the day it seems impossible to ...

Farewell: Notes from the senior editors

Our advisor, Michele Day, with the seniors.

Northerner Staff

April 26, 2018

We admit: We're more than a little sad to let our seniors go. From reporting on the fly (sometimes skipping class to do so, shh...) to working long hours and late nights in the newsroom, our graduates will be missed. Here are their goodbyes. Ugh, do you have to go? ...

Farewell: Senior Arts & Life Editor Jude Noel

Farewell: Senior Arts & Life Editor Jude Noel

Jude Noel, Arts & Life Editor

April 25, 2018

Polarizing as its appearance may be, it’s my opinion that NKU is a beautiful place. I don’t think I realized it until now, taking the opportunity to revisit the past four years of my life, realizing that my fondest memories of college are abstract, sensory experiences. I let myself slip into a daydre...

EDITORIAL: Student newsrooms must remain independent. Full stop.

EDITORIAL: Student newsrooms must remain independent. Full stop.

Sam Rosenstiel, News Editor

April 25, 2018

Today we stand united with the nation’s student journalists and independent student reporting to #SaveStudentNewsrooms.

EDITORIAL: Without job security, how can professors do their job?

Mackenzie Manley and her professor, and mentor, Michele Day.

Mackenzie Manley, Editor-in-Chief

April 9, 2018

Two weeks ago, on Good Friday, many non-tenure track (NTTR) lecturers at NKU received letters that due to budget uncertainties, they may not have positions next school year. That’s 47 lecturers in the arts & sciences, 15 in informatics, 16 in education, and more across campus. They’re the...

EDITORIAL: In the mountains, the option to serve

NKLI hosted the Spring Empowerment Retreat.

Mackenzie Manley, Editor-in-Chief

March 15, 2018

Highways carved into mountains guided three vans of NKU students to the area where the War on Poverty was first declared by Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964. It’s a surreal encounter with a niche culture unlike the one I grew up in, just a few hours away in central Kentucky. Houses and trailers freckle...

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