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Pop-punk band seizes the day with giant ambitions

Pop-punk band seizes the day with giant ambitions

Brody Kenny, Staff Writer

February 12, 2014

If Friday Giants have a favorite Latin motto, it's probably “carpe diem.” Their recently released first single, “Live Your Life”, available through their Facebook page, speaks of motivation and empowerment to its listener, and the pop-punk band's members champion those qualities as main insp...

Young musicians build friendships at NKU music program

Brittany Smart, Contributing Writer

February 5, 2014

The summer programs sponsored by NKU’s Music Preparatory Department are teaching musicians of all ages a variety of skills that encourage them to develop their talents and love of the arts. All four programs begin in late June and include the NKU String Project Camp, Summer Music Institute, Mains...

A look into the variety of spring theatre productions

A look into the variety of spring theatre productions

Nancy Curtis and Erin Mullins

January 30, 2014

The NKU spring theatre line-up will share the power of storytelling with the audience as well as affirm that we all have a desire to be entertained. Michael Hatton, assistant theatre department chair, said the whole season shows “the variety of theatre that exists” and there is something for ev...

“Her” Prioritizing between video games and internet porn

Robert Huelsman, Video Editor

January 22, 2014

I like Michael Bay movies. Right about now you are asking what that has to do with “Her.” You are correct in thinking it means absolutely nothing, except that if you take exception to this review, just remember I like Michael Bay movies and my opinion really means nothing. “Her” is not a dystopian type of mo...

Band Symposium gives great experience to aspiring musicians

Brittany Smart, Contributing Writer

January 22, 2014

Applause erupted from the crowd as the 7th Annual Tri-State Band Symposium came to a close with the resounding notes of Edwin Goldman’s “The Chimes of Liberty.” This performance, directed by Brant Karrick and guest conductors, Curtis Essig, and Jeffrey Reed, combined a multitude of different piec...

Photobooth project highlighting the diversity on campus

Nancy Curtis, Arts and Life Editor

October 16, 2013

Walking around campus you might notice some large photos of familiar and unfamiliar faces on the walls. In 2006 a French street artist known as JR, began a new movement that would sweep across the world. What started out as simple portraits on buildings transformed into Inside Out: Project 11m. Th...

New art exhibitions opening this week, dreaming of change

Shelby Rogers, Contributing writer

February 12, 2013

Two new exhibitions will be coming to the NKU Art Galleries on Feb. 14. They will display art in two exhibitions created by current students, NKU alumnae, as well as regional artists. One of the featured exhibitions is curated by Saad Ghosn, Ph.D., an activist for peace and justice as well as a professor...

Kentucky battle comes to life in documentary

Mac Payton, Staff writer

January 31, 2013

Steve Oldfield and Sean Thomas,  graduate students in NKU’s public history program, are making a documentary about a little-known battle of the Civil War that took place in the small town of Augusta, Ky. According to Oldfield, on Sept. 22, 1862, a group of Confederate soldiers came through Augusta...

Criminal justice Ph.D. writes paranormal romance book series

Criminal justice Ph.D. writes paranormal romance book series

Brook Clifford, Staff writer

January 24, 2013

Jennifer Webster is a woman with two sides—one is an assistant director of integrative studies at Northern Kentucky University with a Ph.D. in criminal justice, while the other is a creative writer with two published books. Webster studied criminal justice and psychology as an undergraduate at East...

Talent show winners belted popular Young the Giant

Nancy Curtis, Staff writer

January 23, 2013

EDITED: The original article spelled first place winner Brian Murray incorrectly. Tuesday night students gathered to enjoy performances from talented classmates in the Homecoming Talent Show sponsored by the Activities Programming Board. The acts took to the stage to impress the panel of judges...

‘Grease’ premieres tonight, actors and crew weigh in

‘Grease’ premieres tonight, actors and crew weigh in

Kyle Sebree, Staff Writer

November 29, 2012

The stage is brightly lit and the ensemble cast vibrantly dressed in ‘50s garb practices a dance routine to the music of “Summer Nights.” This is one of the last rehearsals before the show opens and the cast and crew are staying focused and dedicated to ironing out any rough edges left from months...

Secrets come out at Wednesday night event

Brooke Ginn, Staff writer

November 16, 2012

Seven years ago, one man from Maryland set out on a mission to collect secrets, and has since gathered over half a million from around the world. Frank Warren, the genius behind the PostSecret universe, began this project in January 2005 by walking around the streets of Washington, D.C. asking whomever...

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