The first theater crossover in Griffin: “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”


Students go through ‘the virgin trials.’ A time-honored tradition that Rock Horror first-timers go through.


“It’s just a jump to the left!”

The leather and fishnet clad crowd brought to the floor of the digitorium in Griffin Hall followed the song’s direction.

“And a step to the right!”

For anyone who hasn’t been to a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast, it’s common for the crowd to be up and dancing to the “Time Warp” which is a notable song in the musical.

A shadow cast is a cast of people who take on the roles of the characters in the film and act out what is happening on screen behind them. It’s like an interactive movie.

On Jan. 23, NKU had their first own Rocky Horror Picture Show event hosted by sophomore theater major Zach Robinson with sophomore musical theater major, Adam Hambrick.

According to Robinson, the event was a charity event for Center Stage Players.

“It’s going to CSP [Center Stage Players],” Robinson said. “It’ll help with the 307 Series.”

Robinson had been working on planning and coordinating the event since October working with faculty from Griffin and the theater department.

“It’s the first theater crossover in Griffin,” Robinson said.

Because of that, the fees for renting out the digitorium were waived.

However, the IT fees for the room were $300 and it was up to Robinson and his cast to fundraise the money.

When asked why they chose the digitorium, Hambrick said that it was nice “exploring different parts of NKU’s campus.”

For props, the team had donations from the Rocky Horror cast in the Esquire show in Clifton. They were given a saxophone which is played by the character, Eddy and some of the costumes. The cast had to buy other parts of the costumes though.

“Most guys had to get dance belts,” Robinson said. “We don’t want to see no penis.”

Robinson said they hosted auditions and anyone was welcome to audition for the show. After the cast was selected, they had to rehearse twice a week.

“I loved playing Frank. I found him interesting and more dynamic than I originally thought,” Jeremy Cox, super senior BFA acting major, said. “He was really infectious which is what helped me fall more in love with playing him. Props were pretty cool, the whip was especially fun for me.”

Before the show, opera boxes could be purchased. The price was $5 for students and $8 for others.

“The opera boxes sold out,” Robinson said.

The show went on twice that night, one at 8 p.m. and midnight. The midnight showing sold out and extra chairs had to be pulled.

“We raised $460 in the first show,” Hambrick said.

The crowd consisted of mostly students with a few outside spectators. With this show, the crowd is involved and interacting with the movie. For example, if a question is in the movie, the crowd will respond with an often crude and humorous response.

“I loved it!” Alex Rouse, junior, said. “I really enjoyed and the cast worked hard.”

The show raised about $1,187 for Center Stage Players that night.