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HIV top priority for campus nurse

Campus nurse Michele Kay prepares the HIV test before administering it to a student. The test is free of charge and is offered through NKU.

Andrea Carter, Copy Editor

March 31, 2016

Having to tell a student that they are possibly HIV positive is a life-changing responsibility that campus nurse Michele Kay doesn’t take lightly.She can still remember the first time she delivered the news.“My first positive has always stuck with me,” Kay said. “I can remember the student’s face. ...

Celebrating culture through Black Alumni Council

Celebrating culture through Black Alumni Council

Mackenzie Manly, Assistant News Editor

February 22, 2016

The year 2015 marked the highest rate for diversity on campus, and the rates continue to rise with every school year. With a pool of more diverse students at NKU, a myriad of programs and organizations are flourishing on campus in support of minority communities.In particular, a Black Alumni Council officially forme...

VIDEO: Parking lost to North Connector Road construction

VIDEO: Parking lost to North Connector Road construction

Andrea Carter, News Editor

February 16, 2016

Despite parking lots along Kenton Drive suffering a loss of spots because of the addition of North Connector Road, NKU officials reassure that there will be plenty of parking spaces for the  student body, faculty and staff. The road, which is set to start construction this week, will have three la...

Safety paramount for resident hall staff

Mackenzie Manley, Assistant News Editor

January 27, 2016

For students living on campus, residence halls and dorms are a home away from home. The goal of campus living is to make residents feel like campus housing isn’t just a place to go to sleep at night, but a place to truly live; so making residents feel safe is a priority among the NKU housing staff.In a s...

Peaceful protest explores the topic of abortion

Peaceful protest explores the topic of abortion

Michaela Beechem, Reporter

November 15, 2015

Not everyone can say that they have survived an attempted abortion.Sara Palomino, a NKU student, did not survive just one - she survived three.Palomino, a member of Northern Right to Life, shared her story on Nov. 13, when several NKU student organizations held a demonstration involving the voices of th...

Garages nearly finished as HIC problems begin

New equipment is set to be working by Thanksgiving Holiday. The initial completion date was Oct. 5.

Andrea Carter, Copy Editor

November 11, 2015

With the garages soon to be equipped with new technology and secure systems, approximately 175 faculty spots will be lost with the addition of the Health Innovation Center. As the semester rolls on, students and faculty have noticed that the garages remain open despite the initial scheduled completion da...

Police Beats 8/25

November 11, 2015

August 20, 2016 4:21 a.m.: An intoxicated man was found laying in parking lot F. The man was evaluated by EMS and taken into custody.  August 22, 2016 3:25 p.m.: A report was received that a man was allegedly masturbating in public at Griffin Hall.  August 23, 10:49 a.m.: A two-vehicle accident...

VIDEO: Norse-O-Ween provides fun to local children

VIDEO: Norse-O-Ween provides fun to local children

Sierra Gibson, Contributor

November 1, 2015

Children from all over the surrounding area swarmed to Callahan Hall to go trick or treating Wednesday, Oct. 28. The theme for this year is Candy Land.Norse-O-Ween is an event that brings the community and NKU together and allows the children to trick or treat in a safe environment and out of the weath...

Should cultures serve as costumes?

Anna Guerrero, a Pacific Islander, speaks out against cultural-based Halloween costumes, including the stereotypical grass skirt that is often associated with her culture. She is pictured above in her native culture attire.

Andrea Carter, Copy Editor

October 28, 2015

The moment that Anna Rose Guerrero saw a student fully adorned in a bright bundle of headdress feathers, fringe and face paint on a stage at a high school Halloween costume contest, she realized something wasn’t right.Guerrero, a Pacific Islander who lived in Saipan at the time, began to think abo...

Police Beats 10/21

October 21, 2015

October 8, 4:11 p.m.: A report was received that a female experienced unwanted communication from her ex-boyfriend in Founder’s Hall.October 10, 1:11 a.m.: A report was received that there was an intoxicated female in Commonwealth Hall. Officers responded and determined that she was underage. Hous...

University takes pledge to prevent sexual assault

Andrea Carter, Copy Editor

October 15, 2015

Although some students believe that it would never happen to them, they face the chance of being stalked, physically abused and/or sexually assaulted while they are on campus. In fact, studies show that between 20 to 25 percent of women on college campuses will be sexually assaulted at least once in their a...

Police Beats 10/7

October 7, 2015

September 28, 10:00 a.m.: A report was received that an unknown person removed keys and change from an office desk drawer in the Albright Health Center. October 1, 10:42 p.m.: A report was received that there was an individual in the Regents Albright building without permission. The subject was taken into ...

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