University takes pledge to prevent sexual assault

Although some students believe that it would never happen to them, they face the chance of being stalked, physically abused and/or sexually assaulted while they are on campus. In fact, studies show that between 20 to 25 percent of women on college campuses will be sexually assaulted at least once in their academic careers.

With the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses, NKU’s Norse Violence Prevention Center, Student Government Association, Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life, the men’s soccer team and University Housing has introduced the “It’s On Us” campaign to the university.

The campaign aims to reduce the amount of sexual assault on campus by encouraging everyone to take responsibility for identifying, preventing, helping and ultimately speaking up for those whose voices have been taken away.

It launched with the release of two videos that included testimonies from students, faculty and staff discussing the importance of gaining awareness on the issue.

President Geoffrey Mearns addressed the campaign in an email to students. He explained that it will feature on-campus and off-campus resources and activities.

The movement, which was launched by the White House, promotes the idea that sexual assault can be solved if everyone puts in the effort to speak out on the issue. NVP Center Coordinator Gabby Maloney explained that the campaign seeks to break through the common perceptions about sexual assault and create an understanding that assault includes more than just a perpetrator and victim, in order to encourage more people to take responsibility and do their part.   

“It is about helping students take ownership of anything that they may see,” Maloney said. “In order for us to see a reduction in violence and to support survivors it has to come from the community. It is something that anyone can get behind. It is about being there and helping people and not wanting anybody to get hurt.”

Adam Dralle, coordinator of the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life, explained that campaign is ideal for campus because of its simplicity.

“It is a national social awareness campaign,” Dralle explained. “It has on central goal, which is to make students and faculty more aware of sexual assault. There is an element of education that goes along with it, like the PSAs that touches on consent, but it really is about letting bystanders known that they have they can do something about assault.”

Dralle also recognizes that the Greek community’s involvement with the campaign helps shatter the stigma that is often put on sororities and fraternities.

“A lot of times the Greek community gets a bad rep with the frequent articles that are published that talk about fraternities and sororities being the culprits of sexual assault,” Dralle said. “At NKU, our Greek community is fantastic, and we all look out for one another and want to be leaders and apart of the solution not the problem.”

Kayla Davis, senior pre-nursing major, thinks that the campaign has found a great home at NKU.  

“I believe that it is good to bring awareness to the subject because their victims for their voices to be heard,” Davis said. “Sexual assault victims should know that NKU is here for them, there is place where they get help”

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