A Kentuckian’s response to Kim Davis

I like to believe that I live by the philosophy of treat others as you’d like to be treated.


I greet people with respect, and I respect those who respect me. I don’t form my opinions based on what they do at any other given time of the day. If you’re good, if you’re honest, if you’re kind, we’ll be friends.


In my life though, I’ve met many who don’t live up to my hopes for humanity. This is because they’ve lied, they were unnecessarily rude, or they simply weren’t good people. However, in my short time, I’ve never once disliked a person for who they choose to spend their personal time with.


I’ve never been ashamed of the place that I come from and I never will be. I’m from Kentucky, a place known for bourbon and horses. As weird as it may seem to some, it’s where I’m from.


A new thing that people now associate with my home state? Kim Davis, something I’m not necessarily proud of.


While I don’t agree with it, I do respect Kim Davis’ way of life. I’m not a religious person, I can only give you the basics from the bible, but I understand that there are people who live by it and can’t imagine another way of live.


And that’s the thing that baffles me. I don’t understand loving a religion so much in the same way that Kim Davis doesn’t understand marriage equality.


I don’t like that people smoke, but I’m friends with those that do. I don’t like when people have aggressive opinions, but I listen anyways. I don’t like when people deny other’s basic human rights, like marriage, it’s a simple as that.


There’s a lot that can be said about Kim Davis. I respect her beliefs and how she lives her life, and there’s millions of others like me that do, even though none of us share those values. So I don’t understand why she can’t find it in her heart to respect something that a lot of people believe in even though she doesn’t.