The ultimate student job

According to the United States Department of Labor, the unemployment rate is 9.8 percent as of September.’ It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this means more competition for fewer jobs.’ With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, college students are at a slight downhill disadvantage.’ Many of us don’t have the ‘experience’ that jobs are requiring, and we haven’t finished our degree yet.’ And with school taking up most of our time it’s tough to find a job that will work around your schedule.’

So why not be your own boss?’ Of course, it’s not for everyone, and yes it will be hard work.’ But if you’re without a job and looking to make some cash, there’s no better option than becoming an entrepreneur.’ The job interview is pretty non-threatening (who wouldn’t hire themselves?), you get to make your own hours, and you’re in control of how successful you can be.’ You don’t need a boat load of cash or massive amounts of inventory to start your own business.’ You just need a little bit of creativity and industriousness.’ Here are five ideas of businesses you can start today.

1.’ Tutor – Obviously you wouldn’t be doing other people’s homework.’ But some students are smarter than others.’ Some people just get it or least paid enough attention in class to know what the hell’s going on.’ Conversely there are many people who don’t have a clue what’s going on or don’t understand there teacher; but they still need to pull off a good grade or pass a final exam.’ Stick to your expertise.’ If you’re good at math then you should tutor math.’ If you’re good with English then you should tutor English.’ If you don’t know anything then you shouldn’t become a tutor.’ And check out some of the other business ideas.

2.’ Computers
– We live in the age of technology where computers are always getting faster, getting bigger storage spaces, and more complexities than the average person could care to keep up with.’ If you’re good with computers you probably have a bright future but you can start by capitalizing off your skills while in college.’ The possibilities range from being a computer repair guy, to teaching people how to use new computer software, to building custom computers for college students.

3.’ Cleaning services
– Probably the least desirable of the business ideas, but the fact remains that cleaning is something that has to be done, and most college kids don’t want to clean.’ Whether it’s cleaning dorm rooms or doing people’s laundry, there will always be a market for cleaning services on a college campus.

4.’ Service-based
– If you have a skill, put it to use.’ The great thing about college students is we are always looking to learn something we can use.’ For example, it’s a proven fact that girls love guys who can play guitar.’ Guys would love to at least learn a few songs that they could serenade the ladies with.’ What better way to end a romantic date than stumbling across your guitar you have strategically placed and playing a John Mayer number.’ You could give lessons in any instrument, artwork, edit term papers.

5.’ Skill-based – If you’re skilled in artwork or maybe you’re good at building things.’ Making things for people is a great way to sharpen your skills while making money.’ People love to have creative artwork to hang on their walls or interesting pottery to furnish dorms and apartments.’ My background is in construction, and occasionally I’ll do some construction work on the side for people.’ Either way, your best option is to do custom work.’ By making everything by order you will keep you inventory low and ensure quality detailed work.’ Making crafts, artwork, furniture, etc. will sharpen and strengthen your skill as a craftsman or artist while at the same time giving you valuable experience dealing with customers.

Maybe you liked one of these ideas or have a business Idea of your own, but your not sure how to go about starting your business.’ That’s the great thing about college – you have a plethora of resources at your disposal.’ Look on campus and you’ll find plenty of people to help you start your own business.’

One of the best ways is the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO).’ CEO has its meetings every Monday in room 302 of the Student Union at 5 p.m. There you can find other NKU students and faculty who would be more than willing to give you helpful advice about your future business.’

So if you’re out of a job and looking for work, don’t let bad economic news get you down.’ Start a business and make your own future, be your own boss, earn your own money.