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Column: Who will coach Norse MBB? Our picks to replace Brannen

BB&T Arena, home of the NKU Norse basketball.
April 16, 2019
On a clear blue Sunday, news broke that NKU men’s basketball coach John Brannen was leaving for the Cincinnati Bearcats. The veil in BB&T Arena was torn, and the mountains fell on themselves at the word that the leader of NKU’s Division I crusade was hopping across the river. (Editor’s Note: Ok, not really, but it did kind of feel that way.)

Flu season’s here: how you can stay well

Health, Counseling and Student wellness offers flu vaccines which can be covered by insurance.
February 18, 2019

You start your day off making breakfast. You open the fridge, close some cabinets and play music on your phone. Afterward, you drive to class. There, you open the door, type on your laptop and share your...

NKU alum calls mascot change ‘a shame’

NKU alum calls mascot change ‘a shame’
October 26, 2016

NKU alum Steve Ruch remembers his friend, Mark Buerger, dressing up like a Norse and patrolling the sidelines during basketball games, long before Victor E. Viking made his first appearance on campus....

What do you think of Victor’s new look?

What do you think of Victor’s new look?
October 4, 2016

His face has changed the most. The new Victor E. Viking has a smile that is less sinister, eyes that are wider and eyebrows that are not furrowed. After 11 years, NKU’s mascot got a $10,000 makeover...

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