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NKU backs up tobacco ban with programs for quitting

While banned since January, smoking on campus still occurs. NKU's policy is being strengthened through programs to help smokers quit.

Tony Root, Reporter

October 23, 2014

The recent policy change in January has banned all tobacco products from campus. What many on campus seem to be unaware of is NKU has created programs to educate smokers and encourage quitting . Kim Baker, the Employee Wellness Manager, spoke about the policy and the Quit Now Kentucky programs. "I don't think they...

University-wide tobacco ban lingers in ‘educational’ phase

A student smokes on campus despite the current policy.

Kerry Skiff, Staff Writer

April 23, 2014

University administrators are not yet enforcing the tobacco ban. Instead, they are approaching the newly-implemented tobacco policy with an introductory “education” phase. Leslie Pierce, director of Diversity and Employee Relations in Human Resources, serves on several committees involved wit...

Compromise could welcome more positive reception on tobacco ban

Richard Cracchiolo, News Editor

January 23, 2014

The countdown has finally ended; tobacco has been banned from NKU. And I’m just going to say it. Northern Kentucky University makes me want to smoke. While I know this ban is a campus-wide policy, it only directly affects a small portion of those who find their way onto campus. I am one of those peo...

Students question tobacco-free policies

Students question tobacco-free policies

Maggie Pund, News editor

August 29, 2013

Freshmen coming to NKU’s campus this fall have to adapt to college life as well as the university’s enforcement of the new tobacco-free policy beginning in January 2014. Though the ban affects the NKU community as a whole, freshmen smokers living on campus this year are impacted by the stress...

Freedom to smoke or freedom to choose: A difficult topic, a more difficult decision

Kevin Schultz, Editor-in-chief

August 29, 2013

My mother is dying; one thick cigarette-drag of black smoke at a time. And, I can’t do anything about it. When I was eight, I would sneak into the pantry before school and write messages with a black ball-point pen on my mom’s plethora of Marlboro Ultra Lights 100’s. I’d write little notes...

What tobacco free means for NKU

What tobacco free means for NKU

Claire Higgins, Editor-in-chief

January 17, 2013

The winter break did not slow down Northern Kentucky University faculty from working on changes to the campus. As of Jan. 9, NKU will begin the transition to tobacco free, joining the University of Kentucky and Morehead State University as one of Kentucky’s tobacco-free campuses and the University...

Thinking about kicking the habit?

Thinking about kicking the habit?

Marina Schneider, Contributing writer

November 8, 2012

If you or anyone that you know is ready to quit smoking but not sure how, you are not alone. Northern Kentucky University’s Wellness Center, in partnership with the American Cancer Society, provides a smoking cessation program for faculty, staff and students who want to quit. Every year the Wellness...

Committee work

Jesse Call

September 29, 2010

The Northern Kentucky University Student Government Association got down to business Sept. 9, working to increase productivity and create legislation that will impact the everyday student. Committee meetings lasted longer than the meeting itself as ideas about controversial topics including the campus...

Votruba talks goals with SGA

Jesse Call

September 1, 2010

Working together and finding common ground were the themes among university leaders that met with student leaders to discuss ways to improve student life during the Student Government Association meeting. University President James Votruba and his executive team met with the organization on Aug. 30. “I had...

Not allowed to Smoke

Heather Willoughby and Heather Willoughby

January 12, 2010

Are you a smoker used to grabbing a quick fix as you walk the scenic route from building to building between classes? Well, maybe not for long.' Many public universities are considering a smoking ban, and Northern Kentucky University may consider such a policy in its future. This would prohibit smokin...

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