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SGA targets several new projects

Matt Brewer

February 9, 2011

Life around campus could soon be changing for students. The Student Government Association addressed a full agenda at their last meeting that, if passed, would change several things on the campus of Northern Kentucky University. SGA discussed providing midterm grades to all students instead of just...

Students of Concern: Who’s Really Sitting Next to You?

Jesse Call

January 26, 2011

For five years, he was just another student who blended in on campus. From his appearance, there was really nothing to indicate he could present a danger. However, Jared Loughner slowly caught the eye of students, faculty and administrators as being a student of concern. A YouTube video created by ...

Winter weather can cause class confusion

Matt Brewer

January 19, 2011

Every spring semester students trek long distances through inches of snow for a class that ends up being cancelled at the last minute.  Sometimes students watch the weather on the local news and assume and plan that classes will be cancelled only to find out that their assumption of a “day off”...

Crosswalks compete with cars

John Minor

December 8, 2010

A meeting between campus administrators and the Residential Housing Association took place Dec. 6 night at Norse Commons. The meeting was held in regard to pedestrian safety between the Residential Village and the academic buildings. “I don’t know if you all know this, but the rumor is that if ...

Pedestrian ‘thrown into air’ after being struck in crosswalk, police say

Jesse Call

November 19, 2010

A pedestrian “flew through the air” after being struck in a crosswalk by a speeding vehicle at Northern Kentucky University earlier this week, according to an NKU police report. A car driven by Kelly Schneider struck Rebecca Webster in the crosswalk on Kenton Drive in front of Norse Commons around...

Stephen Erb found safe after family reports him missing

Jesse Call

November 17, 2010

NKU student Stephen Erb has been found safe. "Stephen Erb has been located in New York," Hamilton County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Stephen Barnett said. "No foul play (was involved). Family is in contact with him." He was located in White Plains, New York and his family is working to re...

‘Unconscionable’ practices: Professor uses strong words to criticize response to suspicious mail

Jesse Call

November 17, 2010

U.S. Postal Inspectors say they are not actively investigating the recent suspicious packages, one bearing the words “small pox,” sent to Northern Kentucky University’s anthropology department all while one professor has called the decisions not to notify campus or interview the people in the anthropology...

Victim says giving birth after rape was right decision

Tabitha Peyton

November 17, 2010

Liz Carl, a senior at the University of Louisville, was raped at the age of 17. As a result, Carl became pregnant and decided to give birth to her child instead of choosing to end the pregnancy. Now, she is spreading her story to audiences like the one gathered at Northern Kentucky University on Nov....

Prove you’re a citizen! Immigration debate hits NKU

John Minor

November 17, 2010

Anytime a law is made dealing with a controversial subject, discussion is going to continue to swarm for months after. “Everyone is for legal immigration,” said Thomas Wurtz, owner of a consulting business in Cincinnati and member of the Kenton County Tea Party movement. “We love when they com...

New roads coming to campus

John Minor

November 17, 2010

Two road projects that directly affect NKU will start in the near future. Both roads will change the look of the campus. Next spring the State Transportation Cabinet project is expected to start a road project around NKU’s campus. The project includes repairing and realigning Johns Hill Road. The new Joh...

Editor talks battlefield journalism

Matthew Brewer

November 17, 2010

Veterans Day was an appropriate time for Northern Kentucky University’s Six@Six lecture series to host an evening with John Daniszewski. Daniszewski, the Associated Press’ senior managing editor for International News and Photos, spent a great deal of time behind enemy lines in his career as a journalist....

Changing India: Women helping women one image at a time

Shawn Buckenmeyer

November 10, 2010

A baby is born in a village in India. She is promised marriage. When she reaches a certain age, she is sent to live with the betrothed’s family as a servant in that household. At the marrying age, she is then married to the family’s son. When the husband dies, many wives are thrown out of the house...

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