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UPDATE: Parking struggles continue into semester

Michaela Beechem

September 7, 2015

School has been in session for nearly a month and the parking garages remain open as the new system for the garages still has not been installed. “It is pretty frustrating,” Brittany Murphy, a fourth-year-student, said. “I’ve only been able to park in the garage once since the first week of class...

New parking pass temporarily ineffective for garages

New parking pass temporarily ineffective for garages

Abby Anstead, News Editor

August 13, 2015

Finding a parking spot won’t be the only struggle next week as classes starting at NKU, getting in and out of the garages on campus could also pose a problem for many students, especially those without an old parking pass. NKU is in the process of installing new parking systems in all three parking gara...

SGA aims to extend grace period for parking tickets

NKU students currently receive a warning for not having a parking pass during the first two weeks of classes. SGA hopes to extend that period to three weeks.

Moe Daniels, Reporter

January 23, 2015

The Student Government Association held the first reading of a resolution last week that aims to extend the grace period for not having a parking pass at NKU from two weeks to three weeks, primarily to help students who receive financial aid. The idea behind this resolution came after people complaine...

Off-campus residents struggle for parking

The Kroger lot filled because of the overcrowding in Callahan. Students say that since the addition of the Northern Terrace, the Callahan lot fills quickly making it difficult to find a spot.

Brody Kenny, Contributor

September 26, 2014

NKU’s newest dorm Northern Terrace has created a major parking issue for the off-campus resident community. The addition of an access drive as well as a green space between the two buildings resulted in a reduction of 31 spaces, Larry Blake, assistant vice president of facilities management, said. Re...

SGA tries to extend parking grace period

Brody Kenny, Staff Reporter

September 3, 2014

The first week of classes, NKU Parking Services offered a grace period for students who haven’t purchased their parking passes to park without fear of being ticketed. SGA is considering a resolution that, if passed, would extend that grace period to help students waiting for financial aid checks to...

Horrors of the parking garage

Alyson Schoenung, Staff Writer

February 18, 2014

Swipe after swipe after swipe, NKU faculty and students use their $200+ piece of green plastic to let themselves into NKU’s most sought after car hangout: the Kenton parking garage. Parking on this campus has always, and I’m assuming, will always be a major hot button issue for NKU and its communi...

New Campus Rec Center could bring parking woes to a head

New Campus Rec Center could bring parking woes to a head

Mac Payton, News Editor

November 13, 2013

Updated plans for the new Campus Recreation Center were released at the Student Government Association meeting Monday, Nov. 11. Matt Hackett, director of campus recreation, spoke to the organization, saying that the university is attempting to transform what he called “the world’s largest concrete...

Drivers frustrated with gravel lots, high parking pass prices

September 6, 2012

With all of Northern Kentucky University’s recent updates and changes, the administration seems to neglect parking lot renovation every year, even though parking passes cost students as much as $210 and full-time faculty $335. The one complaint that is guaranteed to return with students at the beginning...

Students ask for temp. parking passes

Claire Higgins, News editor

March 21, 2012

The Northern Kentucky University SGA is continuing to make its way into the final stretch of the semester with not only a random seating arrangement in the March 19 meeting, but also with new resolutions and a new committee to make Constitutional changes. President Dustin Robinson decided to randomize...

Temporary parking, a long-tern hassle

Temporary parking, a long-tern hassle

Claire Higgins, News editor

January 18, 2012

When a student stops by campus to pay a bill, rent a book or quickly print a paper within a 20-minute time period, parking spaces are limited. Because of this, many students park illegally or have to park in a lot that is far away from their destination, and when they are on a time crunch, frustration...

Construction continues as students return

Construction continues as students return

Tara Derington, Staff writer

January 11, 2012

With a new year and a fresh semester just beginning, Northern Kentucky University is taking another step forward. Changes can be seen across the campus in new landscaping, new roads or new buildings. Larry Blake, assistant vice president of Facilities Management, said that three new homes were rec...

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