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NKU to undergo rebranding process

NKU to undergo rebranding process

Moe Daniels, Contributer

February 25, 2015

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Kelly Martin is hungry for change at Northern Kentucky University. She recently joined the NKU team as the Assistant Vice President of Marketing and Communications with an exciting vision for rebranding NKU and creating a new way that NKU will advertise and market who we are as a university. Martin and her m...

Athletics and marketing class team up for research project

Athletics and marketing class team up for research project

Courtney Ferguson, Contributing Writer

February 26, 2014

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Students participating in Joe Cobbs’ sports marketing class are working with NKU Athletics to gain real-world experience and develop solutions for the department. The Field Application Student Training (F.A.S.T.) project is a two-part project that normally spans across two classes. They will only be p...

Marketing grad one of the best in local young researchers

Jessica Kopena, Contributing writer

April 4, 2013

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The Marketing Research Partnership Program started 10 years ago as a partnership between students and faculty at NKU. With the help of the MRPP program, former marketing major Mirsada Kadiric was able to launch her career in the field of marketing research by getting a co-op. After graduating and...

NKU partners with Division I sports marketing firm

NKU partners with Division I sports marketing firm

Brook Clifford, Staff writer

August 23, 2012

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The move to Division I was a huge step for Northern Kentucky University as a whole. It will affect every part of the university and profoundly change the athletic program. As a Division I sports program everything will be bigger — the games, the fan base and all around popularity, with the help of...

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