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A group of demonstrators gathered around Loch Norse on Friday, Sept. 29.

Campus reflects on controversial demonstration, free speech

Emily Sisk and Wyatt Kain October 6, 2023

Throngs of students congregated around two young men on the steps of the Eva G. Farris Outdoor Amphitheater last Friday, Sept. 29.  The two men, bearing signs and t-shirts which read, “Women are...

VIDEO: NKU’s free speech policy

Katelyn Aragon, Brendan Connelly, and Vic Malone November 11, 2021

Several weeks ago, there was an anti-abortion protest on NKU's campus between Founders Hall and the School of the Arts building. In light of that, The Northerner took the opportunity to speak to NKU students...

Signs hung on wall outside the Student Union on April 12.

Free speech: Kentucky bill aims to broaden protest laws

Josh Goad, Assistant News Editor April 3, 2019

Freedom of speech is a pillar of American democracy, and because of it, every American has the right to openly express themselves—that doesn’t mean everyone has the right to express themselves wherever...

Students discuss the rights and wrongs of abortion among graphic pictures placed outside the Student Union.

Pro-life group conveys controversial message

Mac Payton, Reporter September 19, 2014

On Wednesday, a group aimed at starting civil conversation about the pro-life movement came to campus.  Created Equal is a group whose focus is “getting the youth involved, and training the next generation...

Jesse Morrell, religious advocate, preaches his gospel on NKUs campus.

Religious activist’s message sparks controversy

Brook Clifford, Managing Editor September 15, 2014

Dozens of students sit anxiously, almost on the edge of their seat. Some stand, ready to protest whenever the speaker pauses. Some seem bored, some annoyed, some proud and some furious. People pull out...

Free speech not free after policy change

October 3, 2012

As journalists we like free speech, our job is based on it for the most part. It is something this country has really taken for granted to be honest, but this isn’t a long diatribe on what free speech...

Right to free speech

April 11, 2012

Recently, the Right to Life display was vandalized twice on campus. NKU is no stranger to displays and free speech being interfered with. In 2011, there was a push for speech zones on campus where visitors...

SGA defends freedom through resolutions

Matt Brewer February 16, 2011

Some student leaders are concerned that the university could be displaying the United States flag improperly. A new resolution proposed by Student Government Association members question procedures...

SGA targets several new projects

Matt Brewer February 9, 2011

Life around campus could soon be changing for students. The Student Government Association addressed a full agenda at their last meeting that, if passed, would change several things on the campus of...

University considers speech restrictions

Jesse Call February 3, 2011

Controversy has occasionally visited the Northern Kentucky University campus when uninvited speakers planted themselves somewhere on the university plaza and spouted off their ideas. Students have shouted...

Professor’s art sparks controversy

Cassie Stone February 3, 2011

Burning crosses. A hangman’s noose. Hate. Fear. Images of white robes with pointed hoods evoke a myriad of images and emotions. An art display featuring an image of a Ku Klux Klan member is raising...

Staff Editorial: Proposed Speech Policy Goes Too Far

Staff Editorial February 3, 2011

They’re annoying. They yell at you. They pass out the same green bible to you each and every time. They tell you that you are sinful and will burn in hell forever. Sometimes they do not even make sense...

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