SGA defends freedom through resolutions

Some student leaders are concerned that the university could be displaying the United States flag improperly.

A new resolution proposed by Student Government Association members question procedures the university has in place regarding the flags located in the Central Plaza outside of W. Frank Steely Library.

Currently, Northern Kentucky University displays the flags of the United States, the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the university at the Central Plaza location 24 hours a day.
According to the United States Flag Code, the flag may be left up overnight, but only if the flag is properly illuminated.

SGA members say that the university “does not have the proper illumination required” for the flags to remain up at night in the Central Plaza. If there is not proper lighting for the United States flag, it is required that it be brought down nightly.The student government proposed a resolution asking that the university provide the required adequate illumination of the flags at night.

Several resolutions were passed this week and student leaders are pleased with the work that has been carried out so far.

“I’m glad to see that there is a lot more stuff coming through and that students can see what we are doing,” said SGA President Kevin Golden. “It’s not like we are all sitting here saying ‘Yes, No, Whatever.’ There is debate.”

One resolution caused more debate than others. The resolution regarding speech restrictions on campus brought up questions about freedom of speech.

“[The proposal] is not simply just organizing various groups on campus,” said James Fahringer, senior theatre student, who shared his opinion about the proposed resolution before student leaders voted on the issue. “It gives the dean the authority to pick and choose who gets to speak on campus.”

Student leaders attempted to thwart his concerns with their beliefs that the policy will not regulate speech in a manner that is unconstitutional.

“If this policy is misused in anyway, I want to assure you that I would be the first person to speak out against it and I am sure that everyone else here feels the same way,” said Senator Michael Adkins.

Story by Matthew Brewer